Anybody Need Any 2nd Run Glow Gators Still? - TRADED

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Anybody Need Any 2nd Run Glow Gators Still? - TRADED

Postby GEChurch » Fri May 11, 2012 5:26 pm

The second run does not have the sparkles in it. I have not weighed them but I could if you're interested. They are all un thrown and actually still in the same box from the Factory, I think I've touched them once each and back in the box they went. Going to try and sell them this weekend locally if no one is intersted in them on here. Let me know if you'd like pictures. Thanks!

I have a 175 Red Main Stamp with a Green Factory Stamp- Gone
I have a 175 Green Main Stamp with a Red Factory Stamp- Gone
I have a 175 Silver Main Stamp with a Purple Holographic Factory Stamp - Gone

I just needed another Black Main Stamped one to complete my collection of all the seven 2nd run colors but still bought another four pack to avoid shipping and to hopefully sell or trade the others. Cost me $21 each to get home, but I'm asking $25 to help cover shipping. Let me know...
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