My new Sale/trade thread

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My new Sale/trade thread

Postby linkinparkervii » Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:35 pm

All Prices are SHIPPED. Paypal and trades accepted. Deals for multiples. All prices are OBO

Disc(Disc Description)-Weight-Condition-Ink-Price

Champ Archon(Am Worlds)-175g-8-No-$12
Champ Banshee(X-Out stamp wiped)-168g-8-Yes flightplate-$9
Champ Glow Leopard-175g-10-No-$16
Champ Orc-175g-8-No-$12
Champ Valkyrie-150g-8-No-$10
Champ Viking-171g-8-Yes Rim-$11*
Champ Viking-170g-8-Yes Flighplate-$10*
C-Line DD2-175g-7-No-$10
C-Line TD (+mold)-170g-8-No-$11
ESP FLX Surge-170g-7-Yes Faded rim-$10
Gold Line Flow-170g-9-Yes flightplate-$13
P-Line PD(Stiff flat)165g-7-No-$10
Pro Starfire-167g-7-Yes-$7
Pro Wraith-170g-8-Yes-$8
Star Archon-175g-9-Yes-$14
Star Teerex(X-out stamp wiped)-172g-6-Yes-$8
Star Valkyrie-150g-8-Flightplate-$11
Star Wraith-170g-9-Yes Flightplate-$14

*Take both champ vikings for $18

Gold Line River-170g-9-Yes Faded rim-$13
Millennium JLS (WBDGW)-171g-10-No-$10
Star Teebird (Rt 66 SDGC)-165g-8-Inner Rim-$12

DX Shark(1998)-170g-6-no- Real nice old DX Buttery plastic
ESP Buzzz(Icebowl Supercolor)-180g-10-No-$15
KC Pro Roc(12x)-175g-10-No-$11

DX Beadless Aviar(2009 Tourney stamp)-155g-No-$9
Grip Spike-170g-8-No-$11
Yeti Pro Aviar-175-8-Yes-$9

Opto/GL Pure
Champ Glow FL (FLAT)
Any 11x Stamp disc
Black GL
Any Discmania with FR stamp
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