Discs of Every sort! Discraft, Innova, MVP, Vibram!

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Discs of Every sort! Discraft, Innova, MVP, Vibram!

Postby brittwink » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:01 pm

Lots of discs of every sort! We can discuss lowered pricing if someone wants to buy more than one. I'd prefer that for sure to save on shipping. Most have ink... will specify if they do not. Most were found, and all names on back have been called. I would be willing to trade a few for either a mid 160's Star Archon or a Millennium Atra same weight. I'll post better/more specific pics if anyone is interested.


DX Destroyer: Red. Unsure of weight. 7/10 $5
DX Orc: Yellow w/ purple stamp. Been well loved, not inked 172g 6/10 $5
Champion Orc: Yellow w/ blue stamp. No ink 175 g 9/10 $10
Eco Star Leopard: Orange. 170 g 8/10 $10
Champion Beast: maroon, unsure of weight, very flippy and well loved, dog teeth marks, no punctures or huge gashes. No ink 4/10 $5
DX Valkyrie: white w/ silver stamp. No ink 174 g 5/10 $5
DX Valkyrie: blue w/ white stamp. No ink. 150 g 8/10 $6
DX Valkyrie: red w/ silver stamp. 170 g 6/10 $5
Champion Valkyrie: neon green. 175 g 6/10 $8
Pro Valkyrie: orange, little remaining stamp. Silver stickers on top and bottom 175 g 6/10 $8
Blizzard Krait: purple. 137 g only thrown a few times 9/10 $10
DX Viking: Orange. Heavily inked on bottom 175 g 8/10 $6


MPLS: white 160 g 1.19 run. 8/10 $6
JLS: blue, little stamp, worn off run # 175 g 6/10 $5
SOLS: orange/yellow/white tye-dye, 1.3 run 162 g 8/10 (only because it's inked; it's in almost perfect condition) $12
Pro-D Hawk: white 172 g 8/10 $6
Z Avenger SS: Orange, unknown weight 6/10 $8


Eclipse Vector: neon green. 176 g 9/10 $12
Lightning #1 Driver: white, 175 g 6/10 $5
Vibram Trak X- link firm: orange/pink, 175 g 9/10 $15
Vibram Ascent X-link medium: green/pink, 172 g 7/10 $12

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