FSOT: VIP Warship, DX Eagle, Pro-D Banger GT

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FSOT: VIP Warship, DX Eagle, Pro-D Banger GT

Postby Discblaster » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:30 pm


160g Pink VIP Warship: 10/10 - Brand New/ No Ink : This is a great disc, the Warship is my GO TO midrange now, I only have a few other ones to compliment the Warship, but I have a bunch of different Warships in different plastics, all at different stages of wear. This one, however, is just too light weight for me, I like them in the upper 160's/lower 170's, not 160g. This is a great learner midrange, or for a female, since it's pink (I like pink discs though, too). Brand new disc, only thrown twice or thrice in a practice field. 15.00 + Shipping

175g Yellow DX Eagle: 8/10 - Slightly Used/No Ink : I tried to turn myself onto the Eagle mold and start straying away from my Teebirds and Rivers, but it just never worked out. I threw this a couple of times, but never anywhere where it might get hurt. Everything on the disc is fine except some black marks on the underside of the rim from where I was sliding other discs in and out of my bag. Make Me An Offer + Shipping

172-173g Black Pro-D Banger GT: 6/10 - Well Worn/No Ink : This was my second putter ever. I used it quite a bit for putts and approaches, but as soon as I got a Swan and an Anode, it fell to the wayside and it never even makes it in my bag anymore. Still, I know a lot of people like Bangers, and I figure someone will have a good home for it. Plus, I know people like black putters with gold foil stamps, that was my original attraction to it. Make Me An Offer + Shipping

I'd much rather sell these (and use the money to buy a Westside Stag and Underworld), but I am open to some trades. 165-175g weights only please. And nothing too crazy. The longest discs I throw are a TD Rush and a Valkyrie.
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