Assorted used discs for sale

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Assorted used discs for sale

Postby twmccoy » Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:32 pm

Here is a sampling of my huge piles of discs.
Shipping will be $3 for first disc and $1 for each additional.

Z Storm, orange 150g. 9.5/10- very nice $5
Pro Leopard, white 149g. 10/10- Not a mark on it. (pro plastic BTW) $4
KC pro Cheetah, red 175g. 7.5/10 $5
DX Goblin, pink 172g. 9.5/10- Nice $4
Champion Teebird, orange 175g. 8/10- some ink $5
Pro Teebird X out, light blue 174g. 9/10- ink $4
Pro Beast, red 165g. 6.5/10- little ragged, but lots of life left $3
Photon UV X press, 170g. 9/10 $5
Z Crush, yellow 174g. 8.5/10- little ink $5
Champion Valkyrie, orange 150g. 9/10- ink $5
Champion Orc, opaque yellow 175g. 7/10- ink $4
Champion Teebird, orange 175g. 9/10 $5
Champion Valkyrie, yellow ???g (feels like 170). 9/10 $5
Champion Valkyrie, pink 150g. 9/10 $5
Champion Valkyrie, orange 154g 9.5/10 $5
Champion Teebird, blue 175g. 9/10- ink $5
Polaris LS, white 174g. 8/10. $4

PM me if interested. Only trades I am interested in are ESP surges or maybe pro wraiths.
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Postby ambiguous » Mon Mar 12, 2007 7:01 pm

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