Posted some discs up on eBay

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Posted some discs up on eBay

Postby tushamajig13 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:25 am

As the title says, I just put some auctions up last night and wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to check them out here. (Some of these might look familiar to a few of you). Quick list of available discs below:


* First Run Star Destroyer (10) - 175g
* Pre-Avery Star Destroyer (10) - 170g
* 11x Champion Teebird (10) - 174g
* Star Teerex (8) - 172g


* 2004 DGLO CryZtal Challenger (10) (before CryZtal went into production) 173g
* Midnight Z Challenger (9) - 171g
* Proto X Talon (10) - 173g
* Proto Sparkle Z Force (9) - 171g
* Proto Sparkle Z Force (10) - 174g
* ESP LE Venom (8) - 173g

I have positive reviews from a few years ago when I was more active with my trading if you would like to see those and bid with some more confidence. I do have one negative review on my eBay profile from a misunderstanding with a buyer which I sorted out, but it is still on my account. I will also be posting more stuff in the next few weeks since I am moving in a couple of months, so I will update this thread with new links.
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