9 Disc Lot of Discs!

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9 Disc Lot of Discs!

Postby dgdave » Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:23 am

Prodigy 1st Run M4G 178 New
Prodigy Proto M4G 179 New
Prodigy 1st Run M4G 179 New

Discraft Colorshift Memorial Ti Nuke SS 170-172 New
Dynamic Discs Biofusion Escape 172 New
Discraft old run sparkle X Xpress 7/10 no weight written feels heavy

Prodigy 1st Run M3G (now M2) 178 9/10
Prodigy Proto M3 (now M2) 180 9/10
Prodigy Proto M3G (now M2) 178 9/10

All for 100 shipped. No trades

Will sell-

1st row for 42 shipped
2nd Row for 32 Shipped
3rd row for 39 shipped

"The Gauge may be the best disc ever"

"Who the hell throws a Gauge?"
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