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Postby amenz » Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:47 am

Yes, I have 28 varieties of wizards for sale. AND I have multiples of many. NO TRADES. 1 Disc $12, 2 Discs $23, 3 Discs $33, 4 Discs $42 5 Discs $50, 6 or more...we'll figure it out. Prices are shipped. Paypal as a "gift" thanks. Weights are marked, will scale at request. Please message me about discs you want and give the thread a bump.

I realize I'm new on this forum. If you're concerned about my reliability checkout my profile on dgcr where I have the same thread going. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/member.php?u=7027


1st Row:
SS with Gold Sparkle Stamp 2@173 2@175
SS with Purple Reflective Stamp 2@174
SSS with White Stamp 1@174
SSS with Gold Sparkle Stamp 1@172

2nd Row:
Eraser with SS-SSS flex Red Stamp 2@172
Purple Semi Chalky SSS with Gold Dead Head Stamp 2@175 BOTH GONE
Black Organic with SS-SSS flex Copper Dead Head Stamp 1@175 GONE
Blue RFF with Purple Dead Head Stamp 4@175 ALL GONE

3rd Row:
Blue RFF with Purple Jerry Garcia Stamp 2@175
SSS with Silver Sparkle Stamp 5@175
Semi Chalky SSS Flex with Red Jordan Stamp 3@175
Soft with Silver Sparkle Stamp GONE

4th Row:
Blue SS with Gold Sparkle Dead Head Stamp 2@175 BOTH GONE
Purple SSS Semi Chalky with Green Dancing Bears Stamp 6@175
Black SS with Silver Sparkle Jerry Garcia Stamp 3@174 ALL GONE
Organic Stiff Flex with Party Time Stamp 1@175

5th Row:

White SS with Red Van Halen Stamp 2@174 BOTH GONE
White SSS with Black Zeppelin Stamp 1@172GONE
Grape Eraser SSS Flex With Silver/Rainbow Stamp 1@173GONE W/Goldish 2@173
SS with Gold Sparkle Stamp 6@175

6th Row:
Organic Stiff Flex with Copper Stamp 6@175
Purple Semi Chalky SSS/RFF with Silver Sparkle Jordan Stamp GONE
Black SSS with Rainbow Band Stamp 2@173 (Also 1 RFF w/Partytime @175)
Blue SS with White Dancing Bears Stamp 2@174 BOTH GONE

7th Row:
Chalky RFF W/GoldSparkle Stamp 1@171(GONE) Bronze 5@172
Black RFF Led Zeppelin with Silver Sparkle Stamp 1@174 GONE
Yellow SS with Blue Dead Head Stamp 2@175 BOTH GONE
Yellow SSS with Blue Jerry Garcia Stamp 2@175 BOTH GONE
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Postby hsuperman18 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:58 am

Do you still have the Jordan red stamp sss 3rd row? I'm very interested. thank you!
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