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ambiguous discs

Postby ambiguous » Sat Apr 28, 2007 10:24 pm

Nothing too special, rated on the sleepy scale.

CFR Wraith 172g Red 7 - silver 06 augusta stamp
Star Teerex 172g Yellow 6
Star SL 173g Red 8
Glo Roc DX 180g White 5 - found with 3 names on it, I don't know who to call so I don't care who owns it
DX Leopard 175g Yellow 10 - Ice Bowl stamp
JK Aviar-X 171g Blue 7
DX Wraith 172g Red 6
DX TeeRex 170g Pink Looks like an 8, flies like a 5.5.

Looking for (all around 172g ish)
soft warlock/ radius??
soft wizard
star tl
star teebird
champ orc
champ firebird
dx rocs (max weight)
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