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SkaBob's trade list

Postby SkaBob » Wed May 09, 2007 4:50 pm

It's not much, but here's what I've got. Rated by sleepy's scale.

173g E Inferno, white, no ink, 9/10

180g 11x Roc, white, ink, 9/10
166g DX Cheetah, red, no ink, 9/10
159g Champ Orc, white, ink, 9/10 (10 if not for the ink)
164g Champ Orc, green, no ink, 9/10

CryZtal Challenger, blue, ink, 9/10
176g ESP Buzzz, light blue, multiple owners' inks, 8/10
168g D Drone, white, ink, 7/10 (but flies like new)
X Cyclone, unknown weight, no ink, black, 9/10
171g Z Spectra, red graphic, ink, 9/10 (10 if not for the ink)
173g Z Crush, orange, no ink, 10/10
165g X Crush, BRIGHT yellow, ink, 9/10

I'm looking for: MRVs, D Hawks that are NOT domey, Comets of any plastic (though I could REALLY use a Z and an X one in <170 weight - consider this my first choice in trade), Surges (preferably yellow Z ones), X and Photon Glo Trackers. Everything <170g, and the closer to 150 class the better 8)

See something you want and don't have something I do, I'd LOVE to work out some sales, too. My car just blew it's engine, and while no amount of disc sales is gonna buy me a new one, they'll at least keep gas in the loaner!
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