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Postby Timko » Fri Jan 12, 2007 3:11 pm

That is the guy that made the bottle of Jade absinthe I posted earlier in the thread. Tasses, when you tried absinthe, did you get a bottle of Jade? If so, which one, and what did you think?
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Postby Texas Made » Mon Jan 15, 2007 3:00 pm

Ohhh the Absinth stories.....
I had a friend that was in the military that brought me three bottles of this stuff....
How he got it here I have no Idea....Does it work? sure does....if you drink enough of it you will be lit like never before...Problem was, when I wipped out two of the three bottles at a party, the girl I was trying to holler at got so drunk she didnt know where she was at....Once she was nearly out, I kept drinking and relized I didnt know where I was either. Woke up the nex morning to find myself in a room I didnt recognise with the girl and her friend, Both topless with bikini bottoms.... i was sockless, my shirt was inside out, boxers wet, pants dry and my belt was on the floor. Never found my socks...The only clue I have to this day as to what REALLY happened, was a reciept from Denny's with the girl's number, and her friends number on the back....
My best guess as to what really happened?
Got totally lit, got hot (it was the middle of the summer in Austin Texas) went to Denny's for Ice cream (said it on the receipt), came back, drank more, and pulled the "Lets go to the Hot tub trick"...Works every time.....
Worst thing is-
If I got lucky with the two, I will never know, and I dont think they will either,
Hence the name "Absinthe"- as in you memeory is absent.....
I miss colleg- ALOT.
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Postby MrTasses » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:34 pm

Furthur: I haven't tried any yet, but will at some point. the problem is I don't really want to drop $100 for a bottle of the good stuff. Maybe for a bachelor party when another one of my friends gets hitched.
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