Flash file converter?

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Flash file converter?

Postby colombo117 » Sun May 16, 2010 6:59 am

My wife and I have a new website for our small business and we would like to have a Flash type picture scheme on the homepage. Currently we just a one pic that we change out periodically.
Here is our site. http://holidaytraditionstc.com/

We use Magento as our website platform so we can add and do stuff. We are both learning how to do everything on our own to keep expenses down.

My question is how can we take jpegs of our products and convert them into Flash files and create a slideshow for our homepage for free?
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Re: Flash file converter?

Postby Chris A » Sun May 16, 2010 7:37 am

Dose it have to be flash? Their are many other options to go with for a slideshow than flash. I do not use any flash. Many smart phones and the iPhone are unable to display flash. I would use Java or HTML or a mix of both.

Code: Select all

var num=1
img1 = new Image ()
img1.src = "information.gif"
img2 = new Image ()
img2.src = "interference.gif"
img3 = new Image ()
img3.src = "message.gif"
img4 = new Image ()
img4.src = "nervous.gif"

text1 = "Text for Picture One"
text2 = "Text for Picture Two"
text3 = "Text for Picture Three"
text4 = "Text for Picture Four"

function slideshowUp()
if (num==5)

function slideshowBack()
if (num==0)


<!-- The Image and Form Codes are Below -->

<IMG SRC="information.gif" NAME="mypic" BORDER=0 HEIGHT="100" WIDTH="100">

<FORM NAME="joe">
<INPUT TYPE="text" WIDTH="100" NAME="burns" VALUE="Text For Picture One">

<A HREF="JavaScript:slideshowBack()"> Back</A>

<A HREF="JavaScript:slideshowUp()"> Next</A>

Or just use HTML

Image Slideshow HTML Generator
http://www.ricocheting.com/code/javascr ... -slideshow

IMO the web is moving away from flash. It is going more with less propriety options like HTML5 and others.

-Chris A
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Re: Flash file converter?

Postby Dogma » Sun May 16, 2010 9:05 am

Steve Jobs wrote:IMO the web is moving away from flash. It is going more with less propriety options like HTML5 and others.

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Re: Flash file converter?

Postby homebrew » Sun May 16, 2010 7:26 pm

I have developed a few Magento sites, and there are several extensions that do what you're looking for. Check out the Mage extensions on their site or just search for magento and slideshow.

Creating custom code in that environment is a bit more complex than just adding the necessary code, so using some existing plugins will be the easiest.
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