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Re: Play Disc Golf Online

Postby fanter » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:21 pm

jubuttib wrote:Dammit...

You know that stupid final hole, right? You know, the one that's just on top of the mountain, it's just ridiculous, there's no place to land... I throw my shot, looks perfect from my hand, looks perfect. Coming around hits an IRON LEAF... And falls down the hill, like 200 feet down. I've got nothing. So I tee up again, looks nice, skips behind a tree. Took a six on that stupid hole...

I birdied everything else...

Did you putt dead in the center of the heart of the chains? :P
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Re: Play Disc Golf Online

Postby JR » Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:02 am

jubuttib wrote:There are three major problems with TW disc golf: The courses are golf courses, not disc golf courses. The putting is ridiculously easy. The discs have no turn and almost no fade. Granted, these are rather crucial things, all of which the Sports Champions DG does better. But I have to say that I get less artifacts (throws that come out wonky for no apparent reason) in the Sports Champions than in TW.

Neither is really all that good, but the Sports Champions is better. For disc golf that is, the golf part of TW whoops the ass of the rest of Sports Champions 100 times over.

I haven't noticed odd flights in TW11.So far every messed up flight i've had i've been easily able to point out where i went wrong. It was always me not the game or the hardware. Ain't your version 10? There might be a difference i haven't tried that.

The putting ain't a no brainer in 11. The discs are like Ion transferred to drivers going 500'. Well i can get a Leo to 360' pretty often in field practice in the summer on a straight line with minimal fade like the TW11 so i wouldn't wonder if a faster straight disc like a Beast (400' tops in air sometimes more with skips) or a Flow or something similar flew like TW11 discs on laser lines for a 500' thrower. It ain't that unrealistic in that aspect. Where it fails is understable and overstable discs.
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Re: Play Disc Golf Online

Postby jubuttib » Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:35 am

The point was that I've only gotten a couple of artifacts in TW10, but I get them all the time in Sports Champions.

I need to try TW11... You said before that the putting has been improved, forgot about that. I think the main thing that bothers me about the driver and mid in TW10 is the fact that you get the same neutral flight no matter how hard or in what wind you throw. There are pretty damn significant advancements in disc technology to be made before we get a driver that doesn't turn on a 500' drive into heavy headwind and still doesn't just fade out instantly when you throw 300' in heavy tailwind.
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