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Postby swel304 » Thu Mar 08, 2007 7:23 pm

ok my new deck came in this week and I got it in today.

first, just to straighten out what I had heard about the anti theft raidio thing I found out what thats all about from the guy at the car audio place that pulled the radio out for me. If you disconnect a vw factory radio, the radio itself will not work again until a special unlock code is entered. I think that code is actually on a sticker on the bottom but Im not sure as I will not be putting the tape deck back in :lol: .

As for the new radio... I would highly recommend the Boss 634UA. The site I purchased it from had the wrong picture posted so I thought I was getting the one with the SD card slot which ended up not being the case but after further inspection I noticed that the 634UA the only one of the series that is 80watt x 4ch as opposed to 60 watt so thats a bonus. For that matter I wasnt as interested to have the sd slot as much as the usb port. The sound quality is excellent, it drives the 200watt vw factory amp very nicely. It doesnt seem to have any of the issues that the cheaper one I was looking at first has like slow loading on large mp3 folders and it doesnt start from the begining if you turn off the car. All in all, this thing is packed with cool features and is an great buy for the 110$-130$ range. From the things I read about the 80$ walmart deck I would say for anyone interested in a deck with the geek-features the boss is well worth the extra 30$-50$. The only negative comment I can even think of so far is It would be nice if it displayed more characters than 8 at a time, but thats not a big deal really since there isnt much time for reading while driving :lol:

now ive just got to burn a copy of my cd collection (which I converted to mp3 and put on dvd's for storage a while back) over to cdr's for the car. 200+ albumns in a 20disc case :shock: sweeeeet.

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