Amendment 64 Initiative 502

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Re: Amendment 64 Initiative 502

Postby Ryen91 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:57 am

Itchy wrote:
Ryen91 wrote:Image

Ryen91 wrote:IF Germany can make a solar power plant that does that much power, why can't we? or at least contract some German Scientist to do it for us. I don't Know, test it out in a couple states first and then go from there.

Because they can't. Don't look to facebook to get all your information.

First off, that picture is from Spain, not Germany. It's of the PS10 Solar Power Plant.

All of German's solar power accounted for 3.2% of the country's total power consumption in 2011.

Here's Germany's power production by source. Nuclear is yellow and all renewables are lumped together in green.

So, they claim all of German's solar power makes more power output than 20 nuclear power plants. But in 2011 Germany only had 17 nuclear power plants.
...and those 17 nuclear reactors made more energy than all renewables put together.

Ok so same thing, If Spain Can do it, Why can't we, or at least contract some Spain Solar power workers to Come Do it for Us.

So Amendment 64 Initiative 502 is about stoners building nuclear power plants?

Fuck you, sincerely
for this and everything else you post

Leopard, There is no need for that, this has got off topic a little and Iacas was making a Joke, I Laughed Out Loud Literally pretty hard, but on the other hand, It is kind of still on topic cause it is about the changing culture of America, and how and if we will see a major change in its culture and will other states adopt recreational legalization. Although this was meant for the legalization of cannabis, our source of energy is a major concern in America right now, especially with the way gas prices continue to rise, although there has been a major slump as of late as it is almost down to 3 dollars here, but I am assuming that is because of the election and gas in general goes down a little in the winter months. America's culture needs to drastically change in what we use for energy. We have to find a way to not be dependent on fossil fuels whether it is through Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Or even Hydrogen Energy.

By the way has anyone ever started talking about something and then subject changes? Like, For instance, your talking about basketball but halfway through the conversation it for some reason changes to football. yeah that stuff happens just go with the flow.

Aren't you a lovely fellow? Thanks for this post; it saves me the time of ever caring about anything you have to say. At least you've outed yourself as someone completely irrelevant, a small-minded douche, and someone with nothing to offer. Ignore lists exist for precisely this type of reason. Fuck off yourself.

Iacas, Bro Don't even respond to that man, because it doesn't deserve a response. It is waste of finger muscles to type a response to that. Don't Let someone else piss you off in a forum, it isn't worth your energy.
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Re: Amendment 64 Initiative 502

Postby Leopard » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:21 pm

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Re: Amendment 64 Initiative 502

Postby Itchy » Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:02 pm

Ryen91 wrote:Ok so same thing, If Spain Can do it, Why can't we, or at least contract some Spain Solar power workers to Come Do it for Us. ...

Because Spain can't either.

To add insult to injury that FIT report talks about how government subsidies of solar power plant construction has [speculated] caused Spain's debt rating to be downgraded.

To put all that into context, Spain is one of the most advanced countries in the development of solar energy. Which might explain why their PS10 was used as the image of "Germany's" solar tech in one of your previous posts. Even they only eke out about 4% from solar, while nuclear is 21%.

Solar is great in theory, it's just not there yet. It's dangerous to manufacture, the by-product of making them is poison, the cells have a shelf life and then have to be disposed of. No one energy source is a silver bullet that will solve all our energy needs.
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Re: Amendment 64 Initiative 502

Postby JR » Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:27 am

keltik wrote:that summer smog is tourists farting. Nobody wants to visit Nordica. lulz

If they did they'd smell somethng fishy. The relative lack of unnatural smells aka the nature.

itchy how come you know i don't have sources? How did you check those facts?

My father worked in a company manufacturing radiation meters and i read one of his books in the late 1990s that he'd loaned from work. The founder of that company had previously worked at STUK Finnish radiation safety agency. The book said that around one hundred accidents globally was a long term average of all kinds of accidents leading to any kind of atypical radiation leaks in civilian facilities. The Soviet Union must have had an effect on those numbers but my recollection was that it was surprisingly even between the eastern bloc and western countries including high tech ones. I can't remember the name of that book. I have no clue if they have reclassified what a nuclear accident is since. That might eliminate some incidents that were counted earlier. One would hope that the safety, procedures and skills of the operators and bosses have increased too so i am not surprised by the lower reported number of incidents. A friend works in the energy business and he said that there are dozens of non radiation leaking accidents in nuclear plants per year on average and i can't recall the number of radiation leaks he mentioned as a reply to the book i mentioned. There are annual leaks globally but like the book and my friend said most radiation leaks are so small that they remain within the facility and are small. The rough magnitude of medium severity leaks is every couple of years and serious ones around once a decade and so far there have only been two catastrophic events polluting nation sized areas or actually several in the case of Chernobyl.

There is one small snag in the defense of nuclear safety. 39 fuck ups from the 50s according to your source how is that good? It is not even though other energy production methods could result in even more problems. Have you checked how large area Chernobyl (i guess it is more accurate to the original place translation than the English one) contaminated and add that to Fukushima? So how is Harrisburg proof of anything other than it is still off limits as far as i know in a small area now? There is measurable proof of Fukushima spewing out more radiation than has been officially admitted in a larger area of Japan being polluted with higher doses than the official leak numbers say is possible. According to current STUK staff.

In a Discovery Channel program years ago describing X planes it said that IIRC three X6 prototypes flew and they showed airborne footage of the plane. So which source is correct? Since you are so keen on fact checking itchy maybe you'd like to do just that. No idea about the name of that program.

Don't the Russians scuttle nuclear subs without the reactors? Reactors in sunken subs might not be that dangerous but nuclear weapons in sunken subs might be more of a threat. Especially in cases where the sub, like the Komsomoletsk off Norway, lies in a place from which currents raise sea bottom water to the beaches. There are experts worried about it. Since they have measured too high radiation levels in the area. And the sub hull has fractured and is rusting. I wouldn't wonder if some other experts weren't worried if they have classified information like maybe the suspected nuke torpedoes have been since taken care of or whatever. If there ever were such weapons aboard anyway. I think it was a diesel sub though so where would the radiation come from? And for this too my memory only reaches the media Finnish TV news, documentaries and the largest daily news paper Helsingin Sanomat over a span of years. Nothing specific. So digging would be required to get accurate quotes. You're welcome to do just that. Let us know what you'll find if you're interested.
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