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Postby swel304 » Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:23 pm

and, believe it or not it gets even worse.......
when this all started I had 1758$ in my account.
pc #1 toshiba 750$
returned and exchanged for ...
pc #2 gateway 899$ (total 1059$ with tax). also sucked for video
returned #2 and asked for full refund, no one will admit to it now but they told me it would be back in my account within 24 hours. This same day I traveled 50 miles to another circuit citty where they had a different laptop in stock that supposedly would work for me.
pc#3 acer 750$ absolute crap is all I can say, this one was purchased on my mothers card because mine supposedly wouldnt have money back in the account till the next day. so....
pc#4 ....... exchanged the acer for a sweet hp pavillion dv9000. Pricy but I was tired of saving money at the expense of not getting what I wanted out of a machine. I was a little wary of putting the 900$ difference on my card because I hadnt had a chance to check my balance but the sales agent assured me that if there isnt enough money in the account it will deny the transaction (another lie).
So the next day I check my account to see how much I had exactly because I still owe mom 750$ from pc#3. balance = -1159$ :shock:
So apparently on this same day I got pc #4 the charge for #1+#2 finnally went through, which seems like bullshit to me since I had already returned them before they even began to take the money. This also meant that since the original purchase was dated like 4 days earlier that they were hitting me with overdraft fees for every little thing I purchased for a week. i.e. 35$ for a cup of cofffe, 35$ for a hamburger, ect.. In total 665$ in overdraft fees :shock:
So I spent the whole day going back and forth fromt he bank to CC.

The bank says I did not do anything wrong, and points the finger at a CC for the way they are taking care of thier charges.

Circuit city also says that I didnt do anything wrong, but adamantly refuses that thier employees could have told me any of the things they told me (i.e. this pc has dedicated video memory, your refund will hit your account within 24 hours, it will deny your card if you dont have the funds, ect..) They want to point the finger at the bank for the way they handle overdraft fees.

Now the bank does have a new policy that is pretty screwed up. When transactions go through every night they dont go in timed order anymore, they now go with the largest amount first. This way if that large transaction that goes through first overdraws you, then each subsequent charge for that day will tack on the overdraft fee no matter how small an overdraft it is. At the same time I think its also pretty screwed up that even though CC knows they took money from my account for something I had already returned and caused the whole problem they wont do anything at all for me. I think its also kinda messed up that they act like thier employees are always honest yet for some reason they waved the mandatory 15% restocking fee on every one of the laptops becasue they knew the sales people had given me incorrect information.

so everyone is so sorry, but they arent about to cut me any breaks on the 665$ raping I recieved. The refund for pc's 1+2 finally hit my account and they "relationship" manager at the bank credited me 105$ to put me back in a positive balance (8$). Supposedly he just isnt allowed to give me back any more than that. :roll: so after my next paycheck hits Im taking it all out and closing my account. can anyone reccommend a GOOD bank?

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Postby MDR_3000 » Wed Apr 18, 2007 7:43 am

Sounds like you're using US Bank...
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