Cop vehicle search rights, could I have done this different?

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Postby Jerry R » Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:11 am

MacCruzer wrote:i guess i just have to be careful when im finding a resonsable place to do irresposable things. : )

:) Mac – I didn’t mean my post to be so holier-than-thou. I certainly would not put myself when I was 19 up as a role model for my 3 young daughters. Also, I have a brother-in-law that was a cop, and he was a total sleaze – cheated on my sister and who knows what else. Cops are human and I agree with a lot of people here who said many cops are on power trips – that said, I do respect the profession and would definitely not want their job. My main issue with this thread was personal responsibility. If I screwed up when I was 19 and got caught (and I did) it wasn’t the cops fault – it was mine. Our society is getting such a “victim” mentality it’s driving me nuts. There seems to be no accountability anymore.

OMG I'm sounding like my dad. "damn kids nowadays"
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Postby MacCruzer » Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:36 pm

Jerry R wrote:I'm sounding like my dad.

"come on dad everyones going!!!"

Once again i hear ya, but, but . . . . na i wont go there.
I did take a victim roll when writing that post. going there.....
but i like said before, i take a very responsable angle when choosing to do the things i choose to do, and there was nothing that would indicate to the officer otherwise. and he still took the bully cop route.
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