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Video Critique Help

Postby rusch_bag » Thu May 17, 2007 11:09 am

Okay, I'm not really sure where to post this but hopefully it will get seen in here. I am very sure I am doing something wrong with my throw since I can only throw around 250ish. I'm not too good with technology and want to make a video of me throwing so I can see what I look like and you guys can even point out the numerous things I am doing wrong too but I have some questions about how to do it.

I don't own a video camera but I do have a digital camera with a movie setting on it. Will that work for this? If it does, how do I then go about putting it somewhere so that you guys can see it? Also, What angle works best for being able to see where mistakes are made? If you have any other tips for me please let me know.

Thanks for the help.
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Postby Donkeypuncher » Thu May 17, 2007 2:58 pm

Yeah that camera should work fine. Most people have the camera set to their left side so you can see the reach back and pull through. Some make a few clips, and sometimes change the angle a little.

Once you record the movie upload it to your computer just like you would any other pictures. Then you'll need to upload it to a free hosting site like, since they allow videos on that site. Then just post the link they give you and you should be set.
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Postby black udder » Thu May 17, 2007 9:11 pm

I use my digital camera movie mode to look at my throw.

Before posting though, you could probably take a few movies of yourself and see some obvious issues.

If you're only throwing 250', I think some typical things are not getting snap, probably not pulling through close to the body and nose up angle (all shots go rather high and stall, then faall left out of the sky).

I usually take a couple angles. I went and picked up a tripod to get a level shot and I place it facing my side as I throw, about a 3/4 view from the back and then totally from the back and also a 3/4 shot from the front.

The front and side shot will show me my reachback and pull through. The 3/4 rear shot and the back shot give me a chance to see if I'm throwing nose up/down and some sort of disc path.

You can analyze a lot of things by yourself without having to bother with the posting online bit. A benefit of trying to analyze yourself is that you know you best, so perhaps you can see why you do the things you do and thus know how to fix them best.
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