Bureaucrats taser Florida University student

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Postby SkaBob » Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:35 pm

The one thing about this whole situation that's had me baffled since the beginning is that nobody's questioning one particular thing.

The kid's being charged with resisting arrest. I don't dispute he was resisting. The kid deserved a good bitch slap for the kind of behaviour he brings to the table.

That aside...ok he was resisting, but why was he under arrest? What charge did he have against him before he yanked his arm away from the one cop? That there is the first of many things that were worthy of a resisting arrest charge, IF HE WAS UNDER ARREST...He asked a question, yes he was being a tool, but if that was illegal 2/3 of America would be in prison. I can see them escorting him out, even with him being little bouncy man like he was, but what had he done that was illegal? Disturbing the peace?

So he got tasered for the same misdemeanor you get if your car stereo's too loud?

I dunno...even if the charges make sense, bad handling on the part of the cops. You want someone making a scene gone, you make them leave the building. At best those guys weren't thinking about the possibility of cameras around and show a lack of discipline in their unit, at worst they were making an example of the guy for asking questions they were told not to allow. Either's just as likely, and we'll probably never know in this case, but I sure hope it's not the latter...
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Postby DiscWhisperer » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:54 am

You make some good points there; The kid technically didn't do anything wrong other than act like an annoying idiot. However, the university has the right to remove disruptive people from an event and those people can be charged with disorderly conduct if they do not comply.

Granted the cop's behavior was actually worse than the kid in question, and the whole ordeal shows how much the university cares about the 1st amendment.

Whats really funny is that the university of cambridge is inviting the terrorist president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a discussion on campus and giving him more 1st amendment rights than university of florida did to the annoying kid. It would be funny if they all hog piled him and tasered him repeatedly as well, but unfortunately, we know that wouldn't happen. I would watch that on pay per view.
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