Power grip version one versus version two

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Power grip version one versus version two

Postby Toney » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:37 pm

Regarding the two types of power grips in the grip article, version one and two, what are the advantages or disadvanges to each in terms of rim width or other factors?

I seem to get a stronger rip with the first version where the first knucles are bent and the tips of the finger contact the rip. But in version two, where the knuckles are straight and the tips touch the flight plate and the pads contact the rim, I seem to get more accuracy (because of cleaner rip perhaps), but not as much distance.
Does this make sense? Also, isn't Ken Climo's grip the second one. If so, I'm guessing he prefers an accuracy grip because he has a lot of power to spare.

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