Only cuz I'm bored, but comments are VERY appreciated.

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Only cuz I'm bored, but comments are VERY appreciated.

Postby sweeper » Tue Jun 03, 2008 12:16 pm

Pro Destroyer X2 (169 & 168) <Considering replacing with a 172 Beast and 175 Orc>

Star Sidewinder X2 (166 &175)
Star SL (175) flattens out nicely and holds a line for a LONG time for me Not as quite as long as Detroyers or sidewinders for some reason

Blurr X2 (176 used for flicks and pig shots)

Star Stingray (178, the flat top kind- it flies like a buzz for some reason- I have ordered a flx buzzz to replace it)
Cobra 175

Rattler (170 I think)
Putt'r X2 (172)
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Postby victorb » Tue Jun 03, 2008 2:11 pm

Seems like your drivers are all kind of bunched in the slightly stable to understable part of the spectrum. I don't see a spot for the SL that wouldn't somewhat overlap with other discs in your bag. I'd suggest this:

Max D
Destroyer or w/e you decide to throw bombs with

Stable fairway driver
You really should have something in this slot, which you're currently missing at the moment. Popular choices are generally Gazelle, Cyclone, Eagle-X, or Teebird.

Moderately overstable
Your Blurr is good in this spot.

Very Overstable
Nothing you're carrying really fits this spot. Popular suggestions would be Predator, Firebird, or Banshee

Sidewinder is good for this spot.

Where would you use the cobra that you couldn't use a buzz (or the stingray you listed) or vice versa? Carry multiples of whichever you find yourself throwing the most.

Something w/ a bit more stability to compliment it, popular suggestions would be wizard, challenger, or bb aviar.

Hope this helps you to streamline your bag a little, and find a good fit for everything you carry.
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Postby Grayson » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:56 am

I wouldn't drop the Destroyer to replace it with two flippier molds (beast and orc). Plus the Beast and the Orc would kinda overlap with your SL and sidewinder. Keep the destroyer, don't add the beast and orc, and maybe look into an ESP Flash to replace the SL. The SL was a decent disc for me, but it was awful in the wind and glided no where near the level of the Pro Starfire. The problem with the Pro Starfire is that it becomes squirrel city after a month or two. The Flash is faster, just as easy to throw, and glides like a champ. I know I brought up the Flash out of no where, but it's the disc that made me drop my SLs and Beasts.

You definately are missing a control driver, and a Gazelle or Cyclone seem to be favorites of this board. But you also seem to like less stable drivers, which is what I lean towards as well. If you're not liking Gazelles, Cyclones or Teebirds, check out a Z XL. It hold any line I put it on.

You'll probably really like the FLX Buzzz after getting used to it. I'm not a fan of the stingray, and you'll probably find the FLX Buzzz to be a better all around disc that can hold an anny as well as straight shots and hyzers, even when it's windy. I don't know what you use your cobra for, but I'd suggest sticking to one midrange mold if your going for a minimalistic apporach, so I'd dump it as well. I can understand keeping those "comfort" discs in the bag as well, but if you force yourself to use one mid mold, it'll make you so much better on those approaches. When I am playing a heavily wooded course however, I load up on mids.

I'm guessing from your putters that you are an ultimate player as well. Lots of ultimate guys carry putt'rs and rattlers. I've never been a fan of them, and eventually I see those ultimate guys move away from lid type discs toward more popular putter molds. Whatever works for you though.
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Postby sweeper » Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:49 pm

Yeah, I agree about the Orc and beast. I have also found that the SL has NO glide at all. A lot of ppl have suggested streamlining my mids and outgrowing the lids. SO today, I removed the SL and stingray from my bag and have started practicing with glow aviar I got as a prize somewhere. My Buzzz showed up and is pretty cool so far. I'm thinkin I'll like it more when its a touch warn and I've thrown it more.

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Postby sweeper » Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:48 pm

I've gotten a lot of good advice from a lot of places and put it all to use in my own way. I have my bag set for a while and I LOVE it... even if it is strange.

Star Orc X2 (175 & 165) into wind and moderate right to left holes

Star Sidewinder X3 (all 175 one older) Almost all long drives, anything that has to be worked... this is by far my longest disc! I dunno why, it just is.

E- Blurr X2 (172 pretty pink color) Forehands (only used for L to R shots) & hard right to left holes. Has a solid feel, good skip and wiggles up to holes.

Champ RR (169) long curving L to R holds its line well with no left finish

Assassin X2 (172 & 172) Fairway driver. I can throw it low and hard and work it.

Star Cobra (180 & 176) --Mid range. The pro cobra I had held up like a #2 upshot! Garbage!

Rippa X2 (186) putter. I know this is odd, but I can throw it dead nuts straight, or work it right or left. works GREAT for me on long puts.

Rattler (170) Help me disc for saving my ass. holds any line I put it on.

I know its odd, but I love it. I have found that I need discs that are pretty straight. That allows me to work them with my throws. I don't have a huge arm, usually 300' with an occasional.. ":DAMN! I did that?" thow mixed in.

Thanks for everything. You guys Rock! (PS had my best round from the back tees last week at our weekly!)

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