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Postby k-os » Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:14 pm

I think by size stoneman means that the bike itself is small, not just the engine. Riding on a small bike would get uncomfortable after a while.
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Postby geoloseth » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:34 pm

I'm 6'2" and I don't think I could get away with riding on any crotch rocket. Even the 600 and 1100 suzukis were too small for me. My Vulcan fit well as a cruiser but even the new 1600 meanstreaks felt cramped.

That being said I want to try out a hardknock by kikker 5150. They have a new one coming out with a 200cc engine and the have a 7' wheelbase. Its just like a slightly smaller bobber. They supposedly get up to about 55 mph with the 110cc engine and get around 70mpg. They honestly look like a lot of fun. It would be something just used for getting to work and the course.
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Postby Barbikes » Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:48 pm

jtkustomizer wrote:I have been thinking about one of the new ninja 250 since they redesigned them in 08

About five years ago I found a really good deal on a slightly battered 95 ninja 250. I only had it for about six months (I bought it cheap to fix up and resell) but I was really impressed with it. I'm six feet tall and I didn't find the bike cramped compared to a few crotch rockets I've owned. It's almost like owning two bikes in one. If you never rev it over 6000 rpm it's a pleasant little bike that you can commute or cruise around on at 60 mph. If you "pull the wire and let the big dog eat" all the way to the 14000 rpm redline she pulls nice and hard (for a 250 twin) out to about 105mph top speed. Riding it around town including freeway trips at 70mph I got about 65 mpg. Most bikes I ride that are over 500cc I end up right around 40mpg in the same conditions. I don't really consider this bike a "crotch rocket". It's more a "standard" with sport bike styling. My son owned the EX500 (aka Ninja 500) and it is really similar and is also an awesome bike.
I've seen the blurbs on the new 250 Ninja and it looks great but IMHO there wasn't anything much wrong with the older ones either!
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