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Niblick83's bag

Postby niblick83 » Mon May 19, 2008 1:03 pm

Thought I would jump on the bag posting bandwagon.

Distance Drivers
1 - 175 non-first run Star Destroyer
1 - 169 Pro Destroyer

Stable Control Drivers
2 - 175 Star TeeBirds (one is a backup that hasn't really been thrown yet)

Very Overstable
175 Star Max
175 Star Excalibur

175 DX TeeBird

Moderately Overstable
2 - 175 1st Run Star Destroyers (One is a backup)

180 Star Roc
176 or so DX Roc

4 - 175 SSS Wizards for driving/putting/approaching in various stages of wear
1 - 175 Omega SS for the very occasional shot that requires a way understable putter (not used much but none of my wizards are quite beat enough to take this out just yet)

169 DX firebird

Sidearm Control
174 Champion Eagle

The Max doesn't get pulled out often and I just got the Excalibur so it hasn't gotten enough use to figure out what role it will play in the bag. It seems to me that the Max is still more overstable than the Excalibur and so will probably remain in the bag but thrown rarely. I rarely run into situations where the wind is enough to screw up my Destroyers or TeeBirds so the way overstable category isn't thrown very much. I mostly throw sidearm for shots that need to go right because the turnover/hyzer flip shots are probably the weaker parts of my game.


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Postby Triplebogey » Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:34 pm

I don't see a need for both a Max and an Xcaliber

I'd add a 175g Star TeeBird to your bag to have a moderately overstable controll driver.
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