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Grip Article

Postby Craig » Wed Aug 09, 2006 11:55 pm

In reading the grip article, I saw that the disc should be oriented parallel with the forearm, and along or above the seam of the hand. I incorporated that into my throw and immediately saw an improvement in my ability to get a nose down trajectory.

Several months later, however, it finally clicked in my head about gripping harder at the 'hit' to get more snap/spin. The problem is that I find that I seem to get a way stronger grip when it's below the seam of my hand, now. I find that by really squeezing hard at the point of release I get a lot more snap, but I can only do it with the disc below the seam. Anyone else find this problem?

When the disc is at or above the seam of my hand, the disc has a much greater tendency to slip out early.

It drives me crazy, because the hard squeeze at release added about 40' to my drives, but I can only do it with the below seam grip. And I don't want to start down a wrong path.
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Postby garublador » Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:12 am

I've struggled with this as well. From my experience, I've found that throwing with the disc below the seam in your hand will allow you to grip stronger, but you may plateu and not have any way to add distance. Switching to throwing with the disc above the seam in your hand may require better timing and it's probably to your advantage to figure it out. It has helped me out quite a bit.

What I did was start with midrange discs and only throw them and putters for drives for a while with the disc above the seam in my hand. Now I'm moving up to fairway drivers like the Gazelle, Cyclone and Teebird and occasionally throwing a high speed driver. Right now I'm to the point where my midranges are super dependable and go as far as my fairway drivers did before, my fairway drivers go as far as my high speed drivers and my high speed drivers go the same distance, but at a lower trajectory. So, while I haven't really added any D to my long game, I am more accurate and I have pushed out what I can do with a midrange.

If you aren't competing and don't mind messing up your game for a week or two it may be worth trying.
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Postby Weebl » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:06 am

Try using your thumb pad to oppose the lock points in your grip. You want your thumb tip to have no pressure on the flightplate, it will idealy be just resting there. I changed my grip from the power grip ver. 1 to power grip ver. 2 and am able to get a much firmer hold on the disc and produce much more snap. I found for me though that the wider the rim (wider than a gazelle) I need to move the disc up in my palm, still preserving the nose down trajectory. Instead of between the seam of my palm and my index/middle finger split it's slight above the index/middle finger split and slightly above the palm seam.
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