CCI Phantom Paintball Marker

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CCI Phantom Paintball Marker

Postby aquascummm » Tue Jul 01, 2008 12:08 am

Money's tight, I took a week off work to spend time with family after my grandfather passed away, and now money is tight, so my pretty phantom is on the chopping block.

Used maybe a total of 4 days of play, owned for a few months. Was bought new from CCI.

Medium scratches on the stock, there's probably some very light scratches on the marker body from use, but I didn't see any last time I looked, the anno hides them VERY well. Maybe there's none at all, but I know I've taken a couple spills while running with the gun, so there's likely some small scratches somewhere.

I'll get better pics when I get home, I'm still with the family, to show the scratches in the stock.

$260 shipped/paypaled without the stock, I'll give you the purple duckbill ASA.

$285 shipped/paypaled with the stock. Sorry, no money orders on this one, but if you don't have a paypal account I can accept credit card payments from people without a PP account. If there's a washington mutual bank near you and I recognize your name in a good way, I'll let you deposit straight into my bank for a discount.

Prices are negotiable.

Only trades I am looking for are a brand new green PPS stabilizer with gauge port. Male and sideline only. You'd have to add cash too.

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