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Postby Rickg » Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:59 am

I'm interested in getting some videos that have some instructional value. I've tried some of the video on this site, but dial-up just takes too long. Blake had posted (somewhere on the net) a top ten of competition videos that had some instructional value, but I can't find it. Could you repost that here, Blake? Any other opinions are welcome. I found Stokely's videos pretty disappointing. Maybe I'll write a review of them from a beginner's perspective at a later date.
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Postby Blake_T » Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:19 am

there aren't really any instructional videos out that i currently endorse.

the list i posted was the instructional value from the non-instructional videos
1) 2004 msdgc dvd - ron russell, steve brinster, chris heeren, keith warren, cam todd, walt haney + assorted
2) 2000 pdga worlds vhs - climo, rick voakes, jesper lundmark, schultz, korver, elaine king, deb renner, annie kreml + assorted
3) 2003 usdgc dvd - climo, craig leyva, schultz, steve rico
4) 1999 pdga worlds vhs - climo, schultz, russell, stokely
5) 2003 pdga nt dvd - rico, schultz, climo, todd, brinster, jarvis, russell, schweberger + assorted
6) 2000 usdgc vhs - climo, schultz, stokely, russell
7) 1999 usdgc vhs - voakes, climo, schultz, al schack
8.) 2001 usdgc vhs - schultz, climo, scott martin, al schack
9) 2003 pdga worlds dvd/vhs - kallstrom, mike randolph, russell, schultz + assorted
10) 1993 pdga worlds vhs - assorted, old school
11) 2004 pdga worlds dvd - assorted (none of the footage is particularly good)
12) 1997 pdga worlds vhs - climo, stokely, russell, rivers sherrod
13) 2001 pdga worlds vhs - schultz, todd, eric tracy, rico, scott martin, korver, king, lesli herndon + assorted
14) 2004 usdgc dvd - heh, no one, just a bunch of tips and random shots
15) 2002 minnesota majestic dvd/vhs - avery jenkins, russell, tim schreder, shawn sinclair, todd

the videos on this site shouldn't take long to download, even on dialup they should take less than 2 minutes each.
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