Beat Roc. vs. Stingray

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Beat Roc. vs. Stingray

Postby BIG MACK » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:25 pm

So...I'm trying to throw Rocs and I currently throw a Champ Rancho & Star Ontario....and I love them. Now, I'm looking for the turnover slot. Champ flies overstable, Ontario is straight with slight fade and I'm trying to break in a DX Rancho but it's taking forever.

Is a Beat DX Roc basically the same thing as a Star Stingray? I used to throw the Star Stingray and am thinking about putting it back in the bag because this seasoning process is taking so long. I'm also kind of concerned about this DX Roc taking a big hit and getting chunked up and flying differently...which I never had to worry about with the Star Stingray. So, basically my question is should I stick with beating up a DX Rancho (or KC?) or put the Stingray back in the bag. Is the Stingray basically a beadless Roc? I'm also trying to reduce my mid molds and if there's a disc I can drop it's the Stingray in the place of a Beat Roc.
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