Big Sur Royale

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Big Sur Royale

Postby Weebl » Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:18 am

Big Sur.

All the description needs is redwoods, river, elevation, redwoods.

Hole 1: Tee off from the other side of the bridge you came in on to the ither side of the river, as the crow flies 160', but everything is closed out by branches over the river except for a RHBH sweeping hyzer line down to the basket which is surrounded by 5 cottonwoods 4' from the water.

Hole 2: Tee off from a small area cleared of river rocks, this tight 260' s-shot is dangerous from the river following you the entire way on your left. Here is a pic from about 120' out of the pin, which rests about 10' after the fallen log you see in the picture. Image

Hole 3: This shot is the first in the medow, a straight 275' shot to the pin with the last 80' being into the other side of the forest with a low ceiling.

Hole 4: This shoots back to the other side of the medow, to base it you need a good 375' drive to turn over about 40' to the right and hyzer back at just the right time, if it's too early then you'll end up in a willow tree infront of the pin which is almost impossible to get a birdie out of.

Hole 5: This hole shoots back across the medow and about 60' into the edge of the forest, where there is a fairy circle of redwoods ranging from 4 feet in diameter to 1' giving multiple narrow windows into the pin inside. My favorite hole was in the side of the momma redwood tree which burned down 50-70 years ago and left a charred heart shapped hole.

Hole 6: This is what you're greeted with...

There's a hyzer window wide to the right but if you hit something you are lucky to save bogey. I use a hook thumb tomahawk starting it 50 degrees off verticle and for me it's 3/4 birdie. Nasty freaking hole with a slight downhill slope to the left of the basket to the river. It was gorgeous on Saturday...

Hole 7: It's a straight shot that's wide open for about 220' but the ground then declines into the river bed with a low ceiling coming into play at the same time, about 120' after the fairway starts declining you need a hard right finish to be looking at the pin which is behind 2 small ponds, a dead vegetative mass on the left followed by river and river behind the basket about 40'. A bogey for most teams.

Hole 8: A 280' tunnel shot with about a 7' wide fairway, the river is creeping in from the right and ends up about 6' past the basket.

Hole 9: From about 50' behind the forest edge you for the last time shoot over the lower medow. 250' from the teepad the other side's forest starts up where the pin is nuzzled a deep 100' in. A few routes I saw birdie this, but luck was the major factor in these drives. The basket is at the base of a fairly steep incline.

Hole 10: First hole of two that leads to the upper medow. It's 220' as the bird flies, about 50' in elevation gain and it's a hard dogleg right to the basket which is positioned in a way that rollaways are hell.

Hole 11: Tomahawks rule this hole, sheisty fairway uphill 40' to the basket on the edge of the upper medow 230' away. It takes either a very well places tommy or some serious luck to birdie this.

more later...
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Postby deaddisc » Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:53 am

Seems like a sweet course, but certainly challenging and risky with losing discs. Where is it?
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Postby Weebl » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:40 pm

Big Sur, one of the more southern groves of redwood trees in california(well, technically the world) Our local club sets up a temp course there for the Big Sur Royale, 2 times a year. It's on state park property so I dont know if a permenant course could be set up there...
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Postby presidio hills » Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:44 am

when's the next tourney there? i've heard from yourself and others it's beautiful... i'd like to make it out there some time.
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