Jimmy Porter---Update: My review of the new layout

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Re: Jimmy Porter---Update: My review of the new layout

Postby Donkeypuncher » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:59 pm

After playing the new redesigned course a few times I thought I would post up my review of it.

Holes #1-3 are basically the same as before, 2 of the baskets have been moved about 10-15ft. closer to the tee box but are pretty much the same. After that, the course has been drastically changed. Hole #5 runs along side the creek you would normally cross for the old #5 hole, but now you don't have to cross it since they built a bridge running north/south. Hole #6 throws over the creek just before the bridge, but it's pretty short. The next few holes have the baskets hidden in groups of trees, so it's hard to really park it under the basket.

Once you get to the back 9 it is almost unrecognizable if you remember the old course layout. The creek has been fortified and the 20ft deep creek is gone. In general, the holes are shorter than before, but it's no longer wide open shots where nearly every hole can be aced. The new layout plays the opposite way over the pond, so less chance of losing a disc. After that it's close to the same layout, with a few holes slightly tweaked.

My biggest complaint right now is the jungle growing along the creek on #2-5 and #16-18. If you throw a disc in there, it will take you forever to search the 8ft. high growth of plants if you can find it at all. It is really ridiculous, the worst I've seen it in years. I've read complaints about poison ivy, but I'm not allergic so I haven't noticed any since I'm not looking. I think the jungle plant problem is more of a summer situation though, once winter hits all that stuff should die off allowing the city to keep it manicured.

They planted lots of new trees all around #12-15, so in a few years there will be more challenge, and a lot more shade on the back 9. If you played the old course you know how little shade there was before.

The sidewalk running through the course is nice to walk on, but like most dual purpose courses, non golfers are idiots and tend to get in the way sometimes. Although the more non golfers we get using the course means the city is more likely to keep the course pretty and well maintained, it's a trade off I think is better for us.

I can't honestly say the course is better, but I wouldn't call it worse either. It is definitely a little more challenging since a lot of the baskets aren't sitting out in the open where you can just ace run it all day. Of course my opinion is a little skewed since I played the old course hundreds of times, but I think 1st timers would like the new course a lot. The course flows much better now, you don't have to walk long distances between holes now which makes the round seem more eventful.

The city OK'd adding 9 or 18 more holes along the backside of the course running along that far back street. It won't be installed for a few years at least, but it will happen so I'm definitely happy about it.

The practice basket isn't back yet, mainly because someone stole the #1 basket last year. Bottom line, I like the new course. I miss the old one, but I think this new layout will be kickass in about a year once the signs and tees are installed, and the city works out a maintenance schedule. It just feels ghetto right now throwing from 2 flags sticking out of the ground.

That's all I can think of right now, I'll update if I think of anything else.
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Re: Jimmy Porter---Update: My review of the new layout

Postby Cisco » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:45 pm

I played there today and really liked it. Never played the old layout so can't comment. There was a good mix of shots in my opinion(short, long, and elevation changes) with several baskets placed in groupings of trees which I liked. Hole 2 is cool, 375'(according to sign) downhill with the creek 20' before the basket, having to choose to try and park it while maybe going past and OB, or laying up and needing to make a good putt for the birdie.
Hopefully signs come soon, or I need to find a map because we got a little confused on the last few holes. 15 and 16 seemed really short and the boxes were oriented such that we just skipped them.
As DonkeyPuncher said, not alot of shade so bring plenty of water. Or just don't start playing at 4:30pm....
Definitely going to be playing there again, about the same distance as Mckinney for me(East plano), but it has a few more fun shots and that new car smell.
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Re: Jimmy Porter---Update: My review of the new layout

Postby sth1oo6 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:33 am

Thanks for the review Josh.
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