Back injury

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Back injury

Postby Ode » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:34 am

I have an area in my upper back that seems to become irritated when i play golf. take into account that i play 6 days a week, normally 2 rounds each day, so i never really give it a chance to heal. I throw right hand backhand with some forehands. the area that hurts is between my right shoulder blade and the middle of my back, pretty deep and feels like it might possibly connect my upper shoulder blade to the center of my back. Thing is that it doesnt hurt when i throw, only after the round or when i pick up my bag just right. does anyone know a good stretch for this area? ive tried what i guessed would stretch it out, but doesnt help whatsoever. ive started stretching better before i play and it has helped with a few other aches and pains, but this injury seems to persist no matter what. i dont use my left arm for anything so i dont even know how i could have injured it. any help is appreciated.
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Re: Back injury

Postby Aubin » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:18 pm

Can't say for sure, but a lot of middle back/neck pain can be caused by sleeping problems... pillow height, tweaking your neck while sleeping etc. You don't notice the pain or problem until you do a certain motion then it's 'ahhhh shiiit.'

It used to happen to me all the time. it's 'deep' in the middle of the back and doesn't go away for a few days. One good stretch to see if it might be a neck problem (or maybe help stretch out your hurting muscle) is this:

-stand up or sit with a straight back, good posture. Try to relax your shoulders as much as possible, let your arms really hang down.

-slowly lower your head so that your chin is touching your chest. don't crank it right down, the key is slow and loose to keep any major muscle tightening from happening. try to look at your chest; if it starts to feel really tight look back up, relax and move your shoulders, and start over.

-breathe out; if your chin touches your chest you're good.

-slowly and carefully turn your head from the center (still touching your chest) 90 degrees to one side, while trying to keep your chin touching your chest; the goal is to get your chin touching your shoulder. you need to BE CAREFUL and breathe in and out and stop if it gets uncomfortable; you'll hear all kinds of cracking and tweaking and feel all sorts of muscles screaming at you. if you are relaxed enough and can get a deep enough stretch you should feel the upper middle of your back and lower neck really stretching.

this stretch can actually cause neck pain and muscle tweaks, so be careful... i read up on it after constantly pulling muscles in my neck and back from sleeping weird. but if it is just a chronic pulled muscle and you need to stretch the area, give it a shot.

oh... 2 rounds a day 6 days a week? take a few off man. get fresh.
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Re: Back injury

Postby keltik » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:52 pm

I think you have done the same thing i did when i first started playing. It's a muscle under your scapula called the rhomboid. you can over use it if you form isn't right or you can pull it like i did trying to throw to hard. and yes it is also aggravated from sleeping wrong etc. and now if i throw too much with poor form it flairs up on me again.

If i stretch real good before each practice or round it doesn't bother me. the ones Aubin suggested sound good. i usually just do the stretches from HS gym class. and yeah give yourself a break from DG to rest up.
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