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Postby redspexxx » Tue Jan 23, 2007 2:36 pm

the three things(on court/field etc.) that i've always felt made the biggest diffrence for teams in this order: coach, defense, all-stars. Dwane Casey is luke-warm at best, he couldn't direct traffic for 2 quick hack and slash guys, one would always be under utilized. maybe if garnett shot more and let AI drive, but i dont see that...

AI was the best player they could have gotten so far this year, but thats not to say that he would have been good there. steve nash or ben wallace could get them to the finals, but not AI. i guess i kinda see the T'wolves as the Atlanta Falcons of the NBA. they have a great playmaker, fill a decent number of seats, hit or miss playoffs, smaller than average fanbase leading to a lack of urgency in the owners office... the wolves didmake a good run last year, and everyone knows it isnt how you play in january its how you play in march. maybe their d-guys can go all pistons on everyone. it would be great to see a western finals with the wolves and the nuggets...
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Postby Blake_T » Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:05 pm

Denver probably does have the deepest front courts in the NBA but, their downfall will be their lack of defense and rebounding. Every year Marcus Camby gets worn down at the end of the season. He needs some help if they are going to go deep in the playoffs or else the Nuggets will just have to play run and gun. Denver vs. Phoenix would be a fun series to watch just because all of the offense.

i will say they lack defense, but the rebounding potential is there at the 4/5 spot. breaking it down guy by guy:
1) kenyon martin - great ball on post defender, smart with rotations, solid rebounder and above average shot blocker. this guy is one of the biggest tools in the league, but would be a starter or 1st guy off the bench on nearly any team in the nba if you cut off his head. would be good for 7-10 boards, 12-15 points, 1 steal, 1 block a night at 30 min a game.

2) marcus camby - weak legs = below average defense on a big low post presence, great help-side defender, fast on rotations, excellent anticipation, great shot blocker, average (at best) rebounder for his height/athleticism. injury prone, below average strength, foul prone. would be good for 6-10 boards, 10-18 points, 3 blocks a night at 30 min a game.

3) nene - chiseled body, raw, underdeveloped game. lost a lot of lateral movement post-knee injury. space eater, average rebounder and below average shot blocker. low bball iq but has lots of upside. slow on rotations, and poor help side defender. can body up to big guys. should be good for 6-10 points, 6-10 boards, 1 block, and 14 fouls a night at 30 min a game.

4) reggie evans - brute but short. great nose for the ball, terrible hands (arms are enough to grab boards if you have the right position). offensive liability and is a worse free throw shooter than shaq. hard worker and willing to earn his minutes. lights flash and you hear beeps if he attempts something resembling lateral movement. should be good for 4-8 points, 8-15 boards, and 62 fouls a night at 30 min a game.

5) eduardo najara - all the scouting reports are wrong, he is more like 6'9" but w/ a long wingspan. should be benched if he attempts a shot from beyond 2.5' from the basket. VERY hard worker, willing to take charges, smother defense, etc. terrible passer. good bball iq, is in the right place at the right time on defense. should be good for ~4 points, ~4 boards, 1 steal a night at 15-25 min a game.

on paper they should be good in those departments. the downside is that they had/have a lot of youth (low bball iq) in the back-court as well as a lot of defensive liabilities (with the exception of andre miller). the majority of the 2-guards they've had over the past 4 years could barely guard wally szczerbiak, let alone any of the guys with quick first steps or great off-ball movement. the slow big guys on D coupled with terrible man on man defenders at the perimeter = weak d. they routinely botch their rotations and egos like J.R. smith don't help that.

the three things(on court/field etc.) that i've always felt made the biggest diffrence for teams in this order: coach, defense, all-stars. Dwane Casey is luke-warm at best,

i somewhat differ on this subject. i believe that a BAD coach can ruin talent output, but a GREAT coach can only squeeze so much blood from a stone before an under-achieving team will burn out.

imo, the t-wolves have never had more than average coaching.

flip saunders - dude, if you are going to send a guy off 3 back screens to get a chance to catch the ball it better be an f'n layup. how can you stress the other team if none of their players are in foul trouble? what i will give to him is his ability to contrive somewhat effective defenses with or without a large talent pool.

casey - is there even an offensive set? average set of possessions:
a) pg dribbles for 6 seconds while garnett attempts to get low post position on someone who is twice as strong as he is, ball finally gets there 14' away from the hoop, shot clock reaches 5, garnett kicks ball to ricky davis who forces a 19'er and bricks it while no one crashes the glass.
b) pg dribbles up and something that resembles a pick and roll with garnett. defense goes under the screen because none of the t-wolves pg's can hit a 3-ball off the dribble (with the exception of hudson who is rivalling antoine walker for shot selection prowess), garnett drifts down and is collapsed on while the defense has now recovered and forces the pg with the ball to the corner, pg kicks the ball to the guy in the left corner who finds himself with 3 guys within 6', but was not prepared to shoot the facker, kicks back to pg, rotation to either garnett from 17' or davis from 20' who force the shot with 2 sec on the shot clock hopefully making it.
c) pg dribbles up, feeds garnett at the post, defense collapses, garnett kicks out to top of key, counter-clockwise rotation of the ball to trenton hassell who is wide open in the corner, hassell catches ball, takes 2 dribbles to get himself into his 16' comfort zone and shots a slow motion slow release jump shot over the defensive player rotation (usually a 3, 4, or 5 and at least 3" taller than he is) charging at him contesting the shot and he hits about 1 in 3.

seriously, i have run better organized offenses in pickup games.

a defensive oriented team... that allows average shooting teams to shoot 55% from the floor and have 1 guy going 5 for 5 from beyond the arc... what can i say other than, heh?

the thing that pisses me off most about casey is how while some coaches get the most out of his players, he gets the absolute least. i love seeing very coveted players get here and then watching their games die a slow death. oh wait, i guess i should have said "that depresses the living crap out of me."

right now, any change is better than nothing. i say ship hudson, jaric, and 3 2nd round draft picks to detroit for flip murray and mcdyess.

in the past 2 seasons i've watched the wolves blow leads during the final 6 min of the 3rd quarter about 54 times and it just makes me want to throttle someone in the neck.

it would be great to see a western finals with the wolves and the nuggets...

maybe if they were both in the eastern conference heh.
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Postby Blake_T » Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:15 pm

btw, if kevin garnett had learned the sky hook instead of the drop step he'd be one of the best players of all time.
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