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Postby Blake_T » Thu Feb 23, 2006 6:37 pm

i know it's not an extra 100', but i didn't have a calc sitting here to calculate arc lengths, etc. :P

what i'm getting at is to handle the fade on a useful golf line, the disc has to be turned over.

the wraith and orc get a big chunk of their penetration during the fade, but the fade must happen in the forward direction, meaning the disc must be turning ~30 degrees from left to right to obtain a forward flex.
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Postby Smyith » Thu Feb 23, 2006 6:46 pm

well i had my little competition b/w the pro starfire (173) and pro wraith (171). i must say that so far i totally prefer the starfire. it went straighter and only about 20' short if not the same distance.
the wraith is also kind of unpredictable. i wasn't impressed with the wraiths lack of fight against wind. its not diving into the ground hard like it was when i first threw it. a common occurence with the wraith is every time i let a major one rip it wouldn't pull over and landed short. yes i was throwing it nose down with plenty of height. i tried low and high, flat, hyzer, and anhyzer.
the starfire flew predictably no matter how i threw it.
im not given up on the wraith but it will remain in my bag for awhile and maybe as i get more time with it ill get better. raw distance isnt all to impartant to me, im much more concerned with predictablity and placement. anyway im gonna pick up my own starfire and in the 3 week battle b/w the wraith and starfire which will occur before my first tourney of the year i will then purchase more of the prefered.
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