First Dye, and Thanks..

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Re: First Dye, and Thanks..

Postby jubuttib » Thu May 20, 2010 3:16 pm

Oh wait, you're that Erin Hemmings, I thought the name sounded familiar. Love your work as a thrower and a dyer. =)

And JR, I feel your pain. I dislocated my kneecap in the SDF and lost something like a third of the muscle mass on my thigh as a result of not being able to use it for a long time. It'd been acting screwy for years and then finally gave in. Thankfully the operation went well and now it only bothers me when I'm running or the stars are aligned in a particular way.

Though hearing you say you're doing 20 reps with 22 pounds on a busted arm is making me realize how much of a noodle arm I am, I have difficulties doing that with a healthy arm. I'm again back to reaching 400' occasionally but I feel I have trouble controlling my form due to lack of strength, especially maintaining a solid grip on the disc. Man, I need to hit a gym... =)
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Re: First Dye, and Thanks..

Postby JR » Thu May 20, 2010 10:29 pm

ErinH wrote:Dang, I think we all fear having to go lefty with a broken throwing arm. Are you throwing 400' while recuperating? If so that's damn good. A flat 400' should translate to 550' in the desert with the right throw.

I'm stoked to hear that someone found the disc spin test interesting.
The disc gun is in pieces and is not finished. The machine is mostly completed and test firing proved it capable of launching 90+ mph. The difficult part is holding and releasing a spinning disc, although it is definitely possible. I swear after my house/shop are finished I'm on it!!

As far as distance throwing, most any throw over 700' has to apex somewhere near 50'. My last Big-D I was throwing star RR's and was throwing them very high, I would say at least 65'. The less stable your disc is the higher you can successfully set your launch angle. Oh and to correct you, I have only thrown 228 meters in competition. A few weeks ago I set my own personal record at 243m with another throw at 241m. I tried to "upgrade" to Katanas, but the RR outperformed.

BTW, I did not see the Ripley's TV bit, what was that about?

D'oh! Once again my memory fails me argh. I had a false recollection that it was you that threw all sorts of stuff in one episode.

What about the world record breaking day throw one day after Big D 8? I think my memory is clear on this that I saw somebody report a 245 m toss from you. So if my memory ain't that poor then someone just misreported. Great D anyway especially for a RR.

I think your speed vs spin vs distance experiment changed some minds on the necessity if spin vs speed on this board toward more need for speed. That's not saying that most players wouldn't benefit from added spin because the majority lack spin. But for maximum potential...

I haven't been able to measure lighting post height at a local course but I think I've thrown to 70' high apex on annies approximating the height using thumb "measurement".

My injury happened in 1997 or so and I went to surgery in 1999. It's partially inoperable so some of the sometimes pinched nerves flare up with hard practice. Luckily weight training and field practice reduces the risk of troubles. Provided I don't overdo those. And the symptoms seem to be slightly easier each year as I gain muscle mass to support the tissues around the nerves that are effected. So I won't get easy extra D from a fast recovery I just need to throw more and yank some weights just like the rest. I have real troubles of getting enough nose down on anything but max D lines when throwing above say 20'. Video confirms that I get enough weight forward and can sometimes keep the wrist down at the hit but I haven't checked recently if my lacking disc pivot has improved from finger strength exercises. Went to far with it too fast in field practice and hurt my index finger. Luckily taping it helps tremendously. Still cant use full pinch force or train the index finger for more power after two weeks.

jubuttib: I lift with biceps, not all the way up to the sides and straight up with those weights. Fewer reps in the second set which I introduced this week. Other motions with lesser weights and resistance band on top etc. Still stiff muscles from Tuesday after my hardest training ever. Though 25 reps with biceps and could've gotten at least two more but I wanted to save energy for other motions as well. I'm definitely getting faster accelerations from the arm working out works. Cheetahs.
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