WTT Speakers for... also have some random A/V stuff (local)

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WTT Speakers for... also have some random A/V stuff (local)

Postby Blake_T » Sat May 01, 2010 9:33 pm

now that i got my new surround speakers i am looking to get rid of my old speakers.
i used to be way into my home stereo setup so these are rock solid but a bit on the older side.

i can supply pictures on tuesday if interested.

mains: 5-way (not sure on brand, the label is gone):
2 12" woofers
2 ~4.5" mids
1 ~2" tweeter
these don't have a brand logo and i can't remember what brand they were (although i believe the company no longer exists). i bought these in 1991 from someone who was a big audio guy and he paid $600 for em each in 1978. i picked them up used in 1991 for $200. very good sounding speakers, just bigger than i want to have.

surround/rears: polk monitor series 2 bookshelf speakers (2-way)
1 ~5" woofer
1 ~1" tweeter
i bought these new from audio king in 1994 for $300 for the pair. while they can act as mains i thought they did better as surround speakers or secondary supporting speakers if you want to run an A+B setup.

center channel: jensen (i can't recall the model offhand, can get the info on tuesday)
2 ~4-5" mids
bought this new for $50 in like 2005.

stuff i'd consider getting rid of:

yamaha 8" 50 watt powered sub w/ built in sweepable crossover and phase selector. bought this new in 1992 for $250 on sale. i know it probably isn't worth much now in terms of cash value but it smokes every sub i have tested in the past 10 years. my new polk sub sucks in comparison but it's voiced better for the polk satellite speakers.

sony CDP-C535 5-disc cd changer.
yah, standalone cd players aren't worth much nowadays, but this one has a pretty kickass D/A converter. when i "upgraded" receivers (read as: replaced my Made in Japan 1994 sony receiver with a top of the line below the ES series Malaysian sony receiver from 2005) the sound quality was such a downgrade that i had to buy an ES series CD player to compensate for it. the C535 is a made in Japan cd player from the era when they were still expensive (135/235/335/435/535/735's all existed at that time). it has 256 or 512 (i can't remember) disc programmable title memory that displays on the LCD. this thing was $400 in 1993. the only upgrade on the 735 was the digital sound fields.

several trinitron and wega TV's. my gf and i have 2 last gen non-true flat CRT's @20" and 27" , 2 27" flat CRT's, and 1 20" flat CRT between us. these will be getting consolidated soon and at least 2 of them will likely go buh bye.

several high end made in Japan sony VCR's. if you are a movie buff and still have stuff that isn't available on DVD/Bluray yet (it suck doesn't it?) these are basically the top end VCR's available when VCR technology was peaking. we have 5 extras ranging from 1987-1995 that have the jog wheel and floating erase head (so they can be linked up as editing decks). a few of these could benefit greatly from a head cleaning, roller cleaning, and lubing of the lift mechanism. these are VCR's that were in the $600-1000 price range over those years. i know vcr's are ancient, but if you're gonna have one, may as well be a good one right?

stuff i'd like in trade: i'm willing to toss cash into the deal to match up values.
a sony blu-ray player... any model w/ remote control. could work something out depending upon which model it is.

any brand LCD HDTV 37" or bigger w/ remote. i don't care if there are minor screen flaws, if it's 720 or 1080, etc. we're hunting for a new, bigger living-room tv. i don't care if it's some super generic brand.

polk mains (bookshelf or floor). i'd like these to be fairly compact in size and they have to be shielded. these are very low on my priority list but i'd consider it.

i'd consider a DLP/rear projection tv if the offer was right.

a sony 32" or bigger LCD w/ remote. yah, this is a reach and i'm aware i'd have to dump a significant amount of cash extra to snag something like this.

if you'd be interested in trading for (or buying) any of this stuff i'm fairly realistic in terms of their used values (bargain priced values pennies on the dollar), let me know what you have and what you'd be interested in. my primary goal is to get rid of the speakers and downsize.

i know this might be a long-shot but i figure it's worth a try.
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Re: WTT Speakers for... also have some random A/V stuff (loc

Postby Blake_T » Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:52 pm

all this stuff is gone now.

didn't realize this was still up here :P
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