Late 70's/early 80's Yamaha SG-2000 Guitar

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Late 70's/early 80's Yamaha SG-2000 Guitar

Postby Tossin' in Memphis » Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:38 pm

I am putting out a feeler for this...I got this guitar about 14 years ago. I have played it hard and it needs some work....a basic toggle switch job (simple for anyone who has the soldering iron), a new setup wouldn't hurt to get the action evened out and there is mild fret buzz on the high E string at (I think) the 15th or 16th fret. ..that could have more to do withthe action than anything else...It is a heavy, thick sounding guitar that would almost ceertainly do more good in someone else's hands right now.....I can pics up in the next few days.....If you happen to have the guitar handbook by ralph Denyer, my guitar is the exact same guitar that has the 2 page spread explaining the parts of a has the same yellow/red sunburst type pattern...For those completely unfamiliar, google the name and see some pics..It is basicall a thicker version of the Gibson SG...I am honestly not sure what to ask for it..the work involved would be minimal to anyone familiar with guitar work....I payed a little under 400 bucks for it back in the's are welcome
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