Whats in your bag, And what do you actually use?

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Whats in your bag, And what do you actually use?

Postby AciDBatH666 » Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:06 am

In the past 6 months ive probably gotten more discs than ever...a lot of em thru Blake_T and ebay

So heres a list of whats in my bag...I stack them from Left -> Right from Overstable - Midrange - Discs that dont get used that much.
And the side pocket has discs that i never really use. The rest go in my truck.

My bag goes like this (If i dont remember the weights I'll just skip em)

169 Z Crush
175 Champion Monster
170 Xtra
173 Champion Orc
167 Champion Orc
175 Champion Beast
166 Champion Beast
170 DX Beast
150 DX Beast
168 Elite Z XL
175 Elite Z XL
168 Champion Valkyrie
180 Champion Stingray
180 Super Roc
176 KC Roc
172 DX Archangel
168 Talon
174 JLS
162 EXP

Omega Supersoft putter
Magnet Putter

Side pockets have a 175 Champion Firebird, Another 175 Elite Z XL, old beat up X2, 145 DX Eagle, 170 DX eagle.

Out of my drivers, I almost always pull out a Beast or an Orc, Some holes I'll pull out a Valkryie or an XL...Depends on what the fairway looks like and how much space i have to turn it over. But i mainly always pull the Orcs or Beasts for most of the drives.I recently got the Xtra from Blake_T and I find that ive been pulling that out a lot. Has some nice glide! I need slower discs tho because I dont really have the arm to get big Distance. And the faster discs don't really help with that. Its not like im a newB or anything, Ive been playing for about 5-6 years. Its just that our courses down here are nearly all wooded, so most of our shots need to be more accurate than far...But our new course is VERY open, So im still getting used to big D players

I normally dont carry so many discs, BUt im still getting new discs here and there and trying to see if theres something I like more than others for different personal reasons. When it gets down to a tournament or something I usually edit my bag down and take out discs that I know i wont really throw at all.
If it came down to it, I could probably narrow my bag down to 10 discs that would cover me for nearly any situation.
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Postby garublador » Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:19 pm

I'm still experimenting with all the different discs I have, but right now here's what I keep in my bag when I go to acutally play.

170ish Xtra - left finish, headwind and sidearm drives
175g QJLS - straight, controlled drives and straight turnover
168g Flash - long straight drives and long turnover drives
170g Champion Beast - long straight drives and long hyzers (many times I'll throw both the Beast and Flash just to compare)
174g Proline Gremlin - midrange straight to hyzer
175g DX Gremlin - when there's a possibility of losing my Proline or want less fade
174g Chief - approach
172g "Soft" Wizard - long/windy putts
174g X-Putt'r - putts
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Postby ferretdance03 » Tue Sep 07, 2004 12:20 pm

I too have been adding to my arsenal, so I'm carrying more than what is neccesary, but here goes...
174 dx valkyrie - drives w/ headwinds, lots of fade
155 champion valkyrie -drives w/tailwinds, most of my drives recently
*174 and 175 dx beast - when i want to compare between my valk and beast i drive with these
*174 dx archangel- straighter drives, to comare with the valk
166 champion shark -most second shots are with tis disc, witht he lighter weight i feel like i can really finesse it to where i want
170 and *176 dx roc - when i don't thnk the shark will be quite long enough
*171 and 174 z hawk- sidearm midrange approach shots
*172 dx spider- when a putter won't be enough and the shark is too much, i use the spider
175 86 softie- anythingunder 200', and close range putts
*150 dx aviar- sidearm putts, we play catch with this disc too... :D
170 z putt'r - putts with wind, some longer putts
*174 magnet- practice putting
*172 dx xd- practice putting
*177 dx stingray- i hardly pull this out of my bag

the * are discs that i dont' use that often, these are also discs that ilet other people use that don't have any discs of their own.
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In the Bag

Postby trogdor » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:39 pm

My wife is awesome! I got a Gateway bag for my birthday.

Anyway, here's what goes in it...

Distance Drivers (Most control to most distance)
172 Z Predator
174 Candy Beast
172 Candy Beast
150 DX Beast (Rarely used)

Control Driver
172 Z Cyclone

180 KC Roc (New to worn)
174 KC Roc (Worn to slightly beat)
UV Soft Challenger
200 DX Zephyr

174 Soft Rhyno
Aerobie Arrow (Strong winds and when a rolling rhyno is likely)

Other stuff
Candy Whippet (VERY overstable, windy approaches)
KC Whippet (less extreem than ^^^)
Beat-up DX leopard (turnovers, rollers)
Baseball (disc retrieval system)
towel (stolen from the kitchen)
Sharpie, Sunscreen, bugspray, mini marker

As to the second part, here's what I actually use (assuming very little wind)

Distance Driver - 172 Beast
Control Driver - 172 Cyclone
Mid-range - 180 Roc
Lower-Mid-range - 200 Zephyr
Putter - 174 Rhyno
Tree Magnet
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Postby shanest » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:40 pm

Use everyone of 'em:

3 Illusions
1 Blaze
2 Sabres
1 Demon
3 Element-Xs
3 Wizards
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Postby DiscinDeadHead » Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:39 am

I too use everyone of these: (Although this is a tourney setup with some backups listed)

4 Spirits
1 Speed Demon
3 Illusions
1 Blaze
2 Demons
3 ElementXs
3 Elements
4 Wizards
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Postby Calle_SWE » Thu Jan 13, 2005 1:32 pm

Driver: KC whippet 9x, Dx Beast
Midrange: sentinel MF 1.2
Putter: Omega ap
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Postby Calle_SWE » Sun Jan 30, 2005 2:51 pm

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Bag Contents

Postby svodenik » Fri Feb 04, 2005 10:52 pm

I have played on and off for about 15 years. I used to always be strictly an Innova person, but lately I have switched over to more Discraft. Here goes:

167-169G Z Crush
167-169G Z Flash
172G Champion Viking
174G Champion Sidewinder
167G Z Reaper
171G CE Leopard
172G Z XL
171G Z XS
170G X Predator

167-169G X Wasp
171G DX Wolf
169G Z Hawk
169G X Storm
168G Z Glide
169G Z Breeze
169G Ching Stamp Roc (old and very beat up)
174G Ching Stinger

172G Swirl APX
173G Z Putt'r

Depending on the course, I will throw in a CE Eagle, Stratus, Hydra, Spider, or Champ Rhyno. I am waiting to try a Quarter K when they come out and I just bought an Illusion that I am really looking forward to trying.

Instead of a Birdie Bag, I use a rosin bag from the bowling alley for a better grip. I mostly use a heavy mini and I go back and forth between an Innova Deluxe bag and a Revolution Mini bag depending on the course. I have a GolfPak on the Innova bag because the quad shocks are a little high. I carry one sharpie, one pencil and a small band aid kit. I carry a nail file, some scotch brite and a pair of fingernail clippers for fixing discs when they try to fight a tree and lose.
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