I need critique, maxing at 350'

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I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby archimedesjs » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:40 pm

I've read almost all the articles for instruction, and have been trying to incorporate them into my drive. Dan Beato's video in particular, as well as Blake's articles, and the advice given to others who have posted videos. I've improved a bit from the previous time i've posted, but I'm still not getting the D that I believe I should be getting. Something has to be off, and I'm just unable to determine what it is on my own. Any critique and advice would go a long way, and would be well appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby Solty » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:14 pm

it looks like you are bringing the disc back and accelerating a little early and loosing power at the hit point.

also, it looks like your bringing the disc around you...and not pulling directly though. Big guys (me) need to do this however you should be able to clearly rip straight across your chest.

Also, in some of the videos...you nose angle trajectory at release is slightly nose up....

Try discin' down to a Valkyrie/Leopard/Cheetah or drop weights to 167-170g and report back results.

other factors: you are wearing extra layers of clothes...and discs dont fly as far in the winter/cold air.

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Re: I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby CatPredator » Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:06 am

Your footwork is rushed which results in almost no weight shift, messes up the timing of your shot, and robs you of power in other ways.

The way to fix this is by slowing those first two steps way down. In your case it's probably advisable to even put 100% of your weight on your left foot while you are reaching back and put your right pivot foot out to balance and just pause there and take note of your form. This over exaggerates the point a bit but drives home the feeling of the weight shift.

Right now you are not getting your weight back on that left leg. Your body is already moving forward too fast and you don't give your arm enough time to get a comfortable, repeatable reach back. Even more serious, the disc doesn't have enough time to get up to the power zone before you hit the gas which results in an early pull.

One more thing is your core doesn't appear to stay engaged throughout your shot. You need to squeeze those shoulders and engage your abs. I've often heard it referred to as "hugging your core" in other sports. You should feel strong and controlled. You need to be strong in those areas to transfer the energy up your body. Not finishing strong with your body leads to the common problem of over rotating your shoulders which causes the left shoulder to whip forward and carry you off the tee pad. This is also a symptom of rushed footwork.

Hope that helps and what Solty said was also true. Winter is not the best time to work on max D if you live in the cold but you can definitely be making improvements to form.
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Re: I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby Aaron_D » Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:42 am

Your pull looks all wild and not at all controlled. Slow down your footwork and your timing in general. Really get that late acceleration that you are sort of getting now. Stay really relaxed in the beginning of your throw.
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Re: I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby JR » Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:02 am

Your plant position varies is that by design or not? If not you should experience some variation to your hyzer angles. I wouldn't draw too far reaching conclusions about form when you are on a surface with that little traction. It's bound to cost you some D along with accuracy and especially repeatability. For added D try to pull closer to see if your arm muscles and tendons work better or worse for it in the colder weather. The mileage may not be the same compared to the summer. It is to some extent individual how people cope with cold and clothing makes a difference. As does the physicality of the course you're playing or the intensity of the field practice. Muscles stay looser farther away from the body but if you miss in elbow bend angle you may lose tendon bounce and thus some snapping power. Some people benefit from a later acceleration point than you have and some claim to throw farthest with an earlier starting point than you have. So you need to find out if a different arm acceleration point gives you more D. It may be a different point from the summer. I'd think that most won't be able to keep on accelerating for as long with colder muscles so focusing on executing a late acceleration may be even more important now than in the summer.
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Re: I need critique, maxing at 350'

Postby archimedesjs » Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:16 pm

I don't want you guys to think that your advice is going unappreciated, because it's not. I just haven't had a chance to get in any more practice with the weather and holidays. I hope to be out this Friday, and I will be putting the suggestions into action. I especially believe that I was not utilizing my core at all. When I was throwing, it was more of a chain reaction. Everything was very loose, and it was just organized chaos(hips, torso, shoulders, arms) till I got to the hit. I was going for more of a whipping motion than a compact gyration. Doing it the way I was I can get a really loud finger snap, but I also get a lot of OAT. I believe most of the D I'm getting is from the OAT with a hyzer release. Just doing some practice swings inside while keeping my shoulders tight, and tightening up my core, I could feel there was more power in the compactness of the movement. I used to be a spring board diver back in high school, and I remember learning the best way to spin is when your hips, legs, shoulders and arms are tight to your body. I never thought about it when driving before, so hopefully this will translate into more D come Friday. I'll report back then with the results, thanks again for the advice.
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