Heading In The Correct Direction ( I hope )

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Heading In The Correct Direction ( I hope )

Postby mattw » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:02 pm

Spent time trying out new stuff and building my bag around things that seem to work better for me. Picked plastic with a lower power requirement which seems to have helped. Fairway drivers a pushing a little past 300' Distance drivers 315. Decided to drop the Rattler and carry one putter mold. Also picked up a practice basket. Between those two things my putting is starting to improve. Putting has got to be the worst part of my game. I lose more shots during a tourney due to poor putting than anything else.

Distance Driver
2 166 Pro Valk Open hole distance and downhill shots. Stay in the bag on tighter courses.
1 170 Star Valk

Fairway Drivers
2 166 QJLS Main driver used on most shots very workable
1 150 QJLS Anyhyzers and uphill drives
2 166 QPLS More stable for wind then the QJLS (mini Teebird)

Overstable Driver
1 174 CE EXP-1 Flies nice and overstable for me big thanks to Fritz for these

Mid Range
1 177 Z Buzzz Slightly more stable than the X used when a little fade is needed
2 177 X Buzzz Has replaced the Z Buzzz as my main mid love the plastic and the flight

2 173 Soft Magnets Used for drives and approaches alternate for more even ware
1 173 Soft Magnet Used for putting only I realy like the Magnet so I think its here to stay.
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Re: Heading In The Correct Direction ( I hope )

Postby Aubin » Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:58 pm

looks solid.

I'd say at your power level you might want to dump the 150g JLS. a mixed weight bag really messed up my timing, don't be afraid to add a really understable/beat disc for uphill distance.
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Re: Heading In The Correct Direction ( I hope )

Postby mattw » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:03 pm

I have issues but I think this bag will stick due to signs of improvement. My drives are now hitting 350 feet consistantly. Sticking with the slower stuff since its easier to get up to speed for me. Put the Rattler back in the bag becouse I missed it to much.

Distance and Control
2 170 Goldline Striker Main driver for both distance and control
1 175 Opto Striker Slightly more stable option
1 175 Goldline River great contol disc for shots I need to work
1 175 Z Glide great for drives in tight spaces Dont realy need it but I realy like it

1 170 Opto XXX Great in a headwind doubles for mid shots that need a nice hyzer finish

1 175 Z Buzzz slightly more stable option
2 175 X Buzzz Main mid one fresh one slightly beat

2 172 Grip Pures Alternate between the two for drives and approaches
2 172 Zero Pures Putting duties only
1 170 Pro D Rattler Runs at the basket and touch shots that I dont want to blow to far past the basket
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