Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby toddbcb » Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:51 pm

My bag for 2011 (although not too different from last year's). What'dya think?

Challenger x4 (1 cryztal for shots off the tee, 1 thrashed D for touch approaches and long putts, 2 D primary putters.)

Buzzz (x3) (1 X for touch shots and turnover drives, 1 new Z, 1 beat Z)
Z Drone

Control Drivers
Stalker (x2) (2 Z new, beat)
Avenger (x3) (3 Z new to beat)

Overstable Drivers
Predator (x2) (1 new, 1 beat for flex shots)
Z Flick (thumbers)

Distance Drivers
Z Force
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Star Shark » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:12 pm

Out of sheer boredom, I'll chime in.

Innova Competition bag with Phenix Quads

175g DX Glow Aviar
174g Zeroline Spike

176g Star Shark
177g Star Shark
180g Star Shark

170g Star EagleX
168g Star EagleX
170g Star TL
171g Star TL
171g Star TL

171g Star SL
171g Star SL
172g Star SL
172g Star SL
172g Star SL
171g Star Starfire
171g Star Starfire

171g Star Firebird

170g Pro Katana (found, probably going to Star Destroyers for this)
-- Star Shark
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby KJDog19 » Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:13 pm

174g Esp Nuke
175g Champion Monster
175g Star TeeBird - Overstable TeeBird
175g Dx TeeBird (new) -Straight TeeBird
171g Dx TeeBird (beat) - Understable TeeBird

176g Z Wasp
171g Z Buzzz
170g Z Comet

172g Ion
172g Ion

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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby tgm » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:39 am

P-PD (2x)
DX Teebird
FLX Predator
ESP Cyclone
DX Eagle-X (usually a D Cyclone, but testing it out)

KC Roc
Z Buzzz (2x)

ION (firm, approaches and tighter wooded shots)
Organic Wizard

I'm really liking the IONs and PDs. The PDs are just amazing. I'm also trying out a DD but so far the PD is better for me, dead straight and long. I also sneak a JLS in there occasionally.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby burt21 » Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:54 pm

KC/JK Pro Aviar-putting, driving
Champion Rhyno-wind

3x Roc(dx,kc pro, star)

5x PD (4xS, C)-backhand 300-400
Champion Firebird-thumbers

PD2-flicks, spikes, hyzers
Nuke-wide open bombs


power-about 400 ft consistently
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby RebelZero » Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:27 pm

I've slimmed my bag down as I've learned that I need to master fewer molds rather than experiment with many. Here's this season's batch, along with the comedy and tragedy:


175g Supersoft Wizard - Mildly beaten, used for putting, which I do badly. And often.
175g Soft Wizard - Newer, used for driving and upshots. Occasionally to putt with when user error activates gross SS Wizard malfunctions.
175g R-Pro Rhyno - Windy putts and approaches. Flop shots. Badly misjudged hyzers watched by horribly shocked but resigned eyes.


172g Z Comet: Straight shots and annies. Sometimes hilariously turned over due to OAT-powered idiot arm.
173g DX Roc: New, trying to beat up. Currently used for every shot I can rationalize. Making all other discs jealous with its smug confidence. Likes trees.
175g Z Hornet: Heavy wind, spike hyzers. Occasional harsh left turn into surprise obstacle (usually car).


175g Champ Leopard: Regular ol' drives, flip hyzers when they work, big annies. This is my chicken disc, as in "I'm too afraid to try something else."
167g Star TL: Dead straight drives. That is all.
166g Champ TBird: Distance drives, anhyzer flex shots, predictable finishes. Sometimes, predictably, into the frickin' pond.
172 Star FL: Headwinds, big left turns. Rarely used; generally feared. The Firebird laughs at my incompetence.
171 Star Valkyrie: Max distance, for someone who can throw a spastic platypus farther than a specifically engineered scrap of high-tech plastic designed to do my bidding.

That's what I've got. It's not much, but my sexy Fade Gear camo bag goes with everything I wear. Except plaid. Or stripes. Or conflicting patterns of modern camo, especially that new digital stuff.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Thatdirtykid » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:32 am

New Med Ion
Beat Med Ion
Soft (or proto depending on mood) Ion
X Comet
Z Comet
ESP Aftershock
Sparkle Aftershock
Esp Cyclone NEw
Esp Cyclone Beat
Z Pred New
Z pred Beat
Z Force More stable
Z Force Lighter less stable
Z nuke Stable
Z nuke less stable
Orion LS for rollers if the course calls
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby mattw » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:17 am

Went back to a small bag and less stuff.

178 GL River Distance Shots
176 Opto River Control main driver (2)
176 GL Striker Breezy days and straightline shots that need to finish left
176 Opto Striker Little more beefy than the Goldline

165 Champ Firebird Windy days and overstable mid shots

175 Z Buzzz (2) Main mid
175 X Buzzz straight shots no fade and anhyzers

175 Pro D Magnet Driving and appraoches
175 Prod D Magnet Putting

Switched back to one putter mold. Was loosing confidence on putting because I was questioning which putter to use.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Dbuntu » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:03 pm

Do you guys with ~30 discs in your bag really throw that many in an 18 hole round?
Is that something that comes with experience?

172g Avenger SS [lost my new lighter, Z plastic one today]
168g JLS
165g Surge [new and currently on trial]

171g KC Roc

2x 172g Pro-D Challengers
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Steve » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:23 pm

Also going to be using a smaller setup for a little while.

2x Glow Wizards
ESP Zone
Z Hornet
Z Buzzz
Star Eagle
Beat DX Eagle
11x Eagle
CE Exp1
Z Nuke
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Hyzerline49 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:26 am

D magnet-straight or turnover approaches
esp zone- short hyzers and forehand approaches
Organic Wizard- my main putters, feel really good.
esp wasp: overstable midrange
Z buzzz: pretty much anything
esp impact:dead straight shots, or long anhyzers (5 aces on it)
Fairway drivers:
Z talon: flies straight but finishes hard left
Proto Z tracker: holds any line
Z stalker: straight tunnel shots
Sparkle force: x2 stable
1st run esp force: flippy
z force: very stable (pink)
z predator: hard hyzers
esp venom: spike hyzers and flicks

trying to throw all discraft, but i just cant get rid of my wizards. i've also been messing around with some roc's and i think im starting to like them. they seem to be more wind resistant than my buzzz.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Dig It » Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:00 pm

if ($query == "contents") {
$fairway = "SEX"."Roadrunners(ch)";
$distance = "Wraith(pro/ch)" ;
$mid = "Roc(kc/ranch/sanny)";
$putter = "Wizard(sss)";

$gorilla_boy_silverback = $fairway.$distance.$mid.$putter;
echo $gorilla_boy_silverback;
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Mike C » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:40 pm

166 organic proto wizard
170 flexy evo wizard
175 stiff evo wizard

No mids. Waiting for some Rocs to come in the mail, switching Buzzes out for them.

175 esp cyclone
171 qolf
170 z pred
174 z force

Adding another olf and an ols when they get here. OLS may potentially replace Cyclone, or just be added to the bag as is depending on how I feel about it.
Mike C
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby Amateur » Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:47 pm

162 Solf - Moderately overstable max D
164 Molf - Max D with fade

168 Qols - Straight drives, flex shots, powers down very well
171 Mols - Turnover drives, flippy max D
175 Mols - Main driver in perfect conditions

168 EXP1 - Beat into a nice straight driver with a strong fade. Replaced my Eagle X's.
175 EXP1 - Fresher than ^ for headwinds.

174 Sirius Sentinel - Overstable mid, not too overstable. I never got to try a Sannie, I'd like one though!
175 Sirius Aurora - Turnovers under 300', tunnel shots.

168 Sirius Omega - Driving putter.
166 Omega AP - Putter and approach with less fade than ^.

Recently switched to this setup and have been crushing my personal course records. Getting some Millennium base plastic has helped me immensely on hot, humid days and really any wet disc situations. I'm not opposed to throwing other brands, I've just had such success with Millennium that I'd be foolish to try anything else.
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Re: Whats in your bag......the 2011 edition!

Postby TLapham » Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:55 pm

Z Predator

Avery Star Destroyer
Echo Star Destroyer
Pro Destroyer

2x Echo Star Teebird
DX Teebird

Z Hornet (if windy)
2x Z Buzzz
ESP Meteor (might be Buzzz SS)

2x Medium Wizard

Soft Chalky Wizard- Putting only
-Trade List
-My Bag (Always looking for backups):

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