New to DG, this is what I have so far

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New to DG, this is what I have so far

Postby Bean » Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:02 pm

I have been playing for about 3 weeks to a month and have somewhat haphazardly purchased a few discs. I can get my shots to about 240 ft and havent had much luck going past that.
Bag thus far:
X-clone 150g (havent used it to much)
Champion Leopard 168g (I can throw it in a straight line for a 240ish foot drive majority of the time)
Champion Monarch 166g (From what I understand it is suppose to curve more rightward but I am not really getting any of that, I can throw it in a straight line but not as well as the leopard, also it seems like it is a lot easier to throw with to much fade left).
Champion Beast 175g (getting a left fade on throws with it and I cant seem to throw it as far as the leopard). I went through two other beasts (they are now lost in the creek at the local course), but both of them were 168 or 166 and seemed easier to throw.
Champion Aviar for the putter

All of my shots are RHBH. I have been trying to learn forehand but I havent gotten to form down enough to throw with a relative control on the disc. Which of the discs would be best for a RHFH? Are there any discs that I should get to round all of this out or any that I should set aside for the time being? How much attention should I pay to the weight of a disc?

Thanks for the help,
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Re: New to DG, this is what I have so far

Postby MDP » Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:00 pm

The most likely reason you're not getting some of the discs to fly like they're supposed to is that you haven't developed enough power to throw them yet.

This is especially true with the Monarch. It's rated as a 'Speed 10' disc and you need to be able to throw it ~350ft for it's intended flight path. The Beast is also a Speed 10 and should be slightly easier to throw but since it's also heavier you'll also need more power than you are currently generating. Heavier discs are going to act more 'overstable' than light versions of the same disc. This mens, for RHBH, they will go left stronger and earlier. However, heavier discs also tend to be more consistant.

The Leopard on the other hand is only a Speed 6 disc. Stick with the Leopard and learn to throw it well if that's the disc that's working the best for you. As you progress and move on to faster more stable discs (you'll notice you'll begin to turn the Leopard over to the right and it won't come back) it will become a nice finess disc for you.

Experiment with the discs you have (especially the Beast and Monarch) for forehand. For most people, it's usually easier to generate speed throwing forehand, at least at the beginning so you might be able to throw them better forehand than backhand at this point.

I would also recommend getting a midrange like a Roc or a Buzzz for example. They're much easier to control than drivers and fly farther than putters.
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Re: New to DG, this is what I have so far

Postby Wordgie » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:16 pm

I've been playing for a few months more than you, so this IS NOT a professional recommendation, just an observation I've made.

My first disc was a 171 DX Valkyrie. I had no idea what to choose, just saw "distance driver" on it and grabbed it. From the first throw I was hooked on that mold. I was getting 250-300 with pretty consistent lines. Until I lost it. I replaced it with a 175 DX Valk and haven't had the same success. I'm thinking the extra 4 grams make a difference.

I'm also looking for a sidearm driver because my forehand seems to be stronger and farther than my BH. I have a Discraft XL that I used to like, but here lately I can't get a good drive BH or FH with it. I found a Champion Wraith one day and tried it out in the field. BH was sketchy, but I had that thing screaming around 350 FH. That was after 3+ rounds in 97 degree weather so my arm was mush. I have to give the Wraith back to its owner once I see him again, but it's on my short wish list of discs even though the speed rating is a tad bit out of my league.

I picked up a 169 DX Archangel yesterday. That's another screamer for me and is almost as dead nuts on as the TeebIrd, but I can throw it a little further. I was able to shake my "5th hole jinx" with that thing. I also picked up a 171 Champ Orc from the seconds rack and it seems like it could be a good FH disc for me. Just need to hit the field and shake it out.

I didn't find this site until after I got started, but the technique threads have helped me in so many ways. I still haven't improved my distance by much, but the accuracy is coming around because of all the help provided here. If you're doing this for fun, then don't get too bogged down with feeling like you need to throw 500' out of the box or have a bag full of premium plastic. That will all come in time. A mighty oak was once a tiny acorn.
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Re: New to DG, this is what I have so far

Postby isobar » Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:17 pm

I would put the monarch and beast away for a few months. Buy a buzz or roc and use it as your main driver for a few weeks. From there work your way up with slower discs until you can get them to fly naturally. If you start with a disc that is too fast for you It will teach you to roll all your throws over in order to get an anny shot instead of the natural flight.
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Re: New to DG, this is what I have so far

Postby Dbuntu » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:09 pm

Haven't been playing too long myself, but here are some mistakes I made early on
1. Buying drivers like crazy
I thought I just hadn't found the "right" disc for me and hitting 400+ was an issue of finding a disc that I liked. I probably spent $100 on drivers before I found Blake's article on choosing discs. A shame that I now have a stack of discs I can't use and rarely throw, but a lesson well learned I can tell you that.

2. Buying primo plastic.
A complete waste this early on. Everything I throw decent on a regular basis is in baseline plastic. Main reason I advise baseline stuff is that when I started I put a lot of discs into the brush. Losing a $6 disc is less painful than losing a $20 one. Even more painful are the expensive ones I still have, but can't throw [see above]

3. Carrying too many discs to the course.
I used to stuff my bag to capacity thinking more discs = better scores because most of the bags posted here have a list of 15 or so discs. So I obviously needed to carry at least 12 right? I ended up dragging around of bunch of junk I threw maybe once just so I could justify carrying it around for hours. I carry about 6 now and can do more with the 6 than I could with the 12.

Some things I found to greatly improve my game
-Practice, practice, practice. I'm playing 4-5 days a week and 2-3 rounds every time I play. If I can't make it out to a course there is a football field a short bike ride from my house where I just go throw for a while. I put my bag somewhere and throw at it, straight shots, hyzers, and anhyzers. There is no substitute for thousands of throws.

-Light weight discs. The first thing I could really drive consistently was a 150g Leopard. I had lost my 175g Leopard [also a great disc] got a 150g to replace it and was surprised how little effort it took to fly dead straight 200+

-Read Blake's articles and read the Technique board. I didn't really get it all the first time through, but eventually the concepts will start to click

Isobar's suggestion is a good one, but he forgot to mention the Comet XD
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