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ZORO's Bag

Postby mzoro » Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:20 pm

i've been trolling through DGR posts for years and this is gonna be the first time i post my bag for critique. what i'm looking for is to see if i'm missing anything/ or should start introducing anything new.

i've read through enough to know that the super-high speed stuff is not gonna work for me right now, so it's all gone. i've been using this set-up for about 6 months now, and it's been showing great results. distance and control has gotten better each month. league and tournament results are higher when compared to last seasons.

i'm currently throwing between 300' to 350' backhand and a hair shorter forehand.


168g pro d challenger (putting duties only)
170g pro d challenger (putt and approach)
175g elite x soft challenger (approach only)
172g elite x soft APx (turn over approaches)


175g bar stamped z buzzz (beat)
174g esp buzzz (fresh)


175g Pro Leopard (beat/ turn over, roller duties)
175g Pro Leopard (worn/ in the sweet spot, nice high speed turn and minimal fade)
175g Champ Leopard (straight......with a nice little fade at the end)
169g star sidewinder (beat, will hold a anny line)
169g star sidewinder (worn, will still fade)
170g star sidewinder (fresh, straight)
169g pPD (beat. turn-overs)
169g sPD (flick and hyzer finishes)
167g cPD (flick and hyzer shots)

The occasional visitors

172g champ banshee (wind days only, but a powered down cPD does the same thing)
175g pro pig (when i forget how to flick my challengers)
175g dx XD (for when the APX isn't doing it for me)

off the tee i find that i'm using a Leopard about 75% of the time, but i play mostly heavily wooded courses. the Sidewinder goes about 30' longer then my leopard but uses more of the fairway, so i only throw it when there is room for it to work.

i feel that my Mids are the weakest point of my game. on most occasions, i find that after my drive, i'm throwing my challenger, which i can push out as far as my buzzz. i'm reaching for my challenger 90% of the time within 200' and 100% of the time within 150'. it's the between 200' and 300' shots that i wish i had more confidence in my mids. lately i'm powering down a leopard....

so, any advice? thanks.
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Re: ZORO's Bag

Postby fanter » Sun Jun 26, 2011 1:23 pm

What won't the Buzzz do between 200' and 300' that a low-power Leopard will?
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Re: ZORO's Bag

Postby mzoro » Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:55 pm

nothing, i just don't throw the buzzz much in a round and it's not in my usual field practice disc bag. i could go a week or more with out ever using it in a round.

gotta spend some field time with it.
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