How do you know when you're good enough for tournament play?

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Re: How do you know when you're good enough for tournament p

Postby fanter » Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:45 am

Dcon67 wrote:Bring a stool so you can sit, trail mix or something to provide a little energy...and play multiple rounds when practicing.

BTW, what is the issue during the 2nd round? When I'm just tired, I tend to miss putts low. When there's a lot of sitting/waiting, my back gets stiff during the 2nd round, and it will affect my hard I'll usually take a couple of tylenol if play seems like it's going to be slow to hopefully help keep my back loose. That and stretching.

Last tourney, I think my primary issue was that the lunch provided by the TD was all gone by the time I could get to it. I played a second round with a couple handfuls of trail mix in my belly. I'm definitely going to start taking two water bottles and always carry trail mix or something for snacking. I feel like I lose focus my second round and start releasing drives a tick too early, and I miss my putts low. I don't own a stool, but I think it could be a worthwhile investment.
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Re: How do you know when you're good enough for tournament p

Postby jsun3thousand » Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:23 pm

i think to play in the novice division in any IOS tournament you might need a pdga ranking or have played an IOS before. it was that way when i played those events back in 07 and 08. they created the novice division so disc golfers that were never gonna get better that had a pdga number could have a chance at winning something instead of being on the last card in rec every tournament. the infamous rule nazi of the IOS likes to haunt the novice division. i know he had a hand in getting the novice division started.

check out and for more up-to-date info on tournaments and the divisions offered.
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