Smigles new bag

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Smigles new bag

Postby Smigles » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:11 am

So, I had some changes to my bag recently. I am still not 100% happy with it though, there are some things missing. I try to have a understable, a stable and a overstable disc of all cathegories ( putter,midrange, fairway driver, highspeed driver ), but I am missing some discs. Here is my bag :

Putters :
Understable : Pure
stable : beat in Aviar <-- I want something out of the box here. Tried challengers and they look pretty close to what I want. Open to suggestions
overstable : new Aviar

Midranges : ( I am totaly happy with my midranges. No need to comment here. )
Understable : comet
stable : buzzz
overstable : Wasp

Faiway drivers :
Understable : Leopard
stable : <-- ?
overstable : <-- ?

Big gun drivers : ( Nothing to add here, I am very happy with what I have ).
Understable : Nuke
stable : Destroyer
overstable : Boss

Discs that I dont carry any more since I postet my bag the last time :
- Orion LS
- Avenger
- Valkyrie

Fairway drivers : I am fairly new to these discs, I still have a feeling that they have some overlap with my midranges, I can throw my buzzz 330 and my comet 350. But I baught some Leopards for technique exercises and liked them so much that they now have a spot in my bag. From what I have read, the Eagle and the Teebird are among the favourites for stable to overstable fairway drivers. Keep in mind, I like to play discs out of the box and in premium plastic. Please dont comment that I should get a Teebird and beat it in. I can do pretty much any shot with my Leopard except for maybe a wide S shot, so I am in no rush to get overstable fairway drivers. But it would be nice to have.
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Re: Smigles new bag

Postby Hyzerline49 » Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:02 pm

cant go wrong with the comet, buzzz, wasp trio. that's what i've been rockin' for quite a while now, and it covers everything... and does it damn well too!
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