Please comment on my bag

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Please comment on my bag

Postby hegemony » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:20 am

I'm currently looking at the possibility of adding some discs to my bag, but I'm concerned that I may just be being impatient in my distance improvements. I definitely thing I'm missing a go-to headwind driver and am mulling over adding some higher speed discs to be used on 400+ holes. Distances below are all fairly accurately measured, not internet D. My current setup looks like this:

The bag
Average/Max golf distances:
Aviar: 220/260
Buzzz: 285/310
Leopard: 300/340
Teebird: 300/330

Stable Control Drivers:
175 Star Teebird - Just starting to break in
175 Champ Teebird - Back up

Distance Drivers:
172 Gummy Champ Leopard - Main distance driver. broken in with almost no LSS left
168 Champ Leapard - backup for above. haven't yet beat all the fade out of it yet, so this disc still S-curves well

Understable Drivers:
166 Champ Roadrunner - long turnover shots. Most recent addition to the bag

Very Overstable Drivers:
175 Glow Firebird - OH and FH shots that need strong fade

164 ESP Buzzz - nearly broken in. Finishes fairly straight
180 Glow Buzzz - backup for the above. The weight difference may be too large for this to be a long term solution.
175 Champ Cro - overstable mid for upshots with lots of fade. Used off tee for shorter drives with lots of fade

175 Star Aviar P&A - 50% duty as main putter. Short drives with a little fade
167 Champ Aviar P&A - 50% duty as main putter. Short drives that finish straight
161 Champ Aviar P&A - turnover shots 260 or less.

Molds summary:

Firebird - 1
Roadrunner - 1
Teebird - 2
Leopard - 2
Buzzz - 2
Cro - 1
Aviar P&A - 3

Total discs: 12
My most used discs are the Aviars, both on the tee and around the course. The Buzzz, Leopard and Cro are all fighting for second depending on what course I'm on.

Potential additions
Distance Drivers/Understable (would probably only add one of these):
Valkyries - Avg/Max 330/360. They would fill a longer driver requirement. Seems like potential of overlap with the Leopards.
Beasts - Avg/Max 330/350. Haven't thrown these BH as much as the Valks. This is my best D FH disc.
Wraiths - Avg/Max 330/350 Again, haven't thrown them as much. I'm not sure I'm ready for these even though I can get them to turn. Seems like I should lay off this disc until I can get it past 400.
Star Archon - Have only thrown this a few times. Avg/Max ~320/360 Bought this to try it out. Also easier to control than the Valk (doesn't turn over too far as easy,) but I think that's a form issue that needs to be fixed rather than masked. Like the Wraith, it seems like I should lay off this disc until I can get it past 400.

Stable Distance driver:
Starfires - Got about 20 throws in with these, Avg/Max ~330/~360. Would fill the headwind driver/longer stable driver role. The Firebird is too stable for me to throw BH with any sort of finesse in anything short of a tornado.

Other options:
- Just wait and work on adding D to my existing disc lineup. Maybe just add the Starfires for headwinds.
- Consider other discs.
- Learn to hyzer flip the Roadrunners instead of adding the Valk, Beast, Wraith or Archon.

EDIT: Cleaned the post up some to make it easier to read.
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Re: Please comment on my bag

Postby hegemony » Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:23 am

Ended up playing this hole twice on Saturday (not me in the pic.)

It's 364ft.

First drive was with the buzzz. Landed it just outside the circle, so ~330ft drive. Second drive was with the Valk. A slight turnover with a straight finish that landed 5ft to the right of the hole. Both drives were necessarily flat with an apex at about 6-7ft high (about the height of the tops of the windows.)

I'm pretty set on keeping the Valk in the bag as a distance driver and the starfire for overstable/headwind duties. Both are helping me with nose angle sensitivity a little more than the leopard and teebird. After a couple of days with these discs in the bag, my teebird drives are improving as well.

Would still appreciate any commentary.
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Re: Please comment on my bag

Postby JR » Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:55 am

GL Flows in blue need little power to go far. The same for 150 Valks.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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Re: Please comment on my bag

Postby himynameismatt » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:37 am

I used a setup very similar to yours the first 6-8mo I played

KC Aviar

When I decided I was ready for a true distance driver I added a Valk. DX goes the farthest, but it's DX. Champ has the best HSS and flew pretty darn straight for me. Star/Echo Star was my favorite though. They flew a lot like the DX's but didn't break in as fast, and once they did stayed there forever.

Oh yeah last thing about Valks, get domey ones.
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Re: Please comment on my bag

Postby hegemony » Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:47 am

Thanks guys.

I'll look into the Flow. From the "Go with the Flow" thread, it appears that I'd need a first run blue flow.

I had been struggling with the decision on whether or not to add the discs because it seems that people with great form can throw the teebirds ~400', and I haven't broken 350' on flat ground with it yet. But, it seemed like I was giving up ~30-40ft on my drive on longer, open holes by not having the Valk's which can matter in a tournament. I'm still working on getting the teebirds out farther. I think it's largely a timing issue with ramping up snap and speed combined with a little bit of nose angle, and the valk's are helping me see the nose angle differences more clearly. Consistency is still an issue as well, but all the guys I know who play 950+ rated golf are telling me I'm going to struggle with that as long as I play.

I am still new at this. I have only been playing about 7 months, and I'd say that I'm still not good at shot shaping (though I am working on it.) This, combined with the reason above is driving me to want to keep my bag simple, so I'm willing to try anything a few times in the field. However, I'm really being deliberate about what I take out on the course with me.
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Re: Please comment on my bag

Postby hegemony » Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:07 pm

Bag is kind of a mess right now.

Updated Bag:

175 CFR Glow Firebird - Flicks
175 Pro Starfire - Stable into headwinds

Distance Drivers
175 GL Flow - Slightly Used - Main Distance Driver
175 GL Flow - New
175 Pro Wraith - Used
175 Pro Wraith - New
175 Champ Wraith - New

166 Champ Roadrunner - Slightly Used
160 Star Roadrunner - Used

Fairway Drivers
175 Star Teebird - Used
175 Champ Teebird - New
168 Champ Leopard - Used
172 DX Leopard - New

164 ESP Buzzz - Used
180 Glow Z Buzzz - Slightly Used
169 GL Fuse - New
168 GL Fuse - New

175 Star Aviar P&A - Used
172 Champ Aviar P&A - Used
167 Champ Aviar P&A - Used

Flows and Wraiths get out to 370-380 on flat ground in light/no wind. Flows are my main distance disc right now. The Wraiths are currently on trial until I beat in a Flow. The used pro wraith is very easy to flip over for long shots that need navigate right but still finish with fade where the Roadrunners usually carry the turnover to the ground. I'm hoping the Champ Wraith can kick the Starfire out of the bag, but haven't played in any significant wind recently to test that theory.

I'm a little torn here because I prefer the Flows, but the dome variation in the runs makes me skittish about ordering them on the internet and they're hard to find locally. Wraiths are much more available. They basically fill the same role for me (long distance shots on open holes.)

Fuse has been an awesome addition to the bag. The lip profile is the closest to the Buzzz of any of the understable mids IMO.

Leopards and Teebirds are used on control drives depending on what flight pattern and level of fade I need.

I'm at 10 molds right now. I feel that between the Leopards, Roadrunners, Wraiths and Flows that something needs to go. Teebird, Buzzz and Aviars see the most work, so it's a little infuriating that I'm obsessing so much about <20% of my game.
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