Think I can Half-Hit it...

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Think I can Half-Hit it...

Postby archimedesjs » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:54 pm

Alright, so I've been nerding out on the forums and incorporated 3 things into my technique that I've read, and it's added distance. I now extend my thumb out as shown on Blake's article about grips, I let my shoulder and hips pull my arm up until it gets to my right pec, and now that I have good pressure on my index and thumb I rip the disc at the last possible moment and it sails. I think I've finally started to feel what disc pivot is. I can FEEL it rotating in my hand, and when it gets to where my wrist can't open anymore I really pull and grip down hard. I know it's probably not the case, but it seems like I'm not even pulling hard until the disc is pretty far out in front of me. I'm not getting massive distances, but after some field testing I was getting wizards out to 300'-325', leopards out to 375', teebirds 375'-400', and I was crushing my valkyrie to 400'+. All of these distances are on line drives maybe about 10'-20' off the ground, and they all just fly dead straight. The D wasn't translating so much to my Nukes. I didn't feel like I was getting the same grip on the disc, the rims felt too wide for me to really get that same leverage. I'm finally at a D I can accept. I'm not as happy as I'd be with 500', but I'm happy with my progress for the season. Now I really need to work on accuracy and gauging distance for upshots, and my putting. Both of which are subpar. It's very frustrating getting my drives farther and better placed than my opponents, and watching them birdy or par, while I miss a 10-20' putt, or blow an easy 100-150' clear upshot.
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Re: Think I can Half-Hit it...

Postby keltik » Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:20 pm

I think where you are is "half hitting it" IIRC. and yes building up to the wide rims is usually awkward for backhand. I'm just now getting to where I can manage wide rims. most of the courses around here don't have the room for them.

you are also experiencing the same hell I am going through. I spent so much time working on my distance I forgot about the rest of the game. my rating sucks but I can out-drive most everyone I know. not as satisfying as I thought it would have been. people get nervous when they see you launch a putter past their Boss/Nuke/whatever but then they lick their chops after you miss every other putt for 9 holes. Don't get so caught up on distance. This is still GOLF.
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