winter practice idea.

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winter practice idea.

Postby bomatic3 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:01 pm

so i have a space, 75x150. i caqnt throw in there as it would dammage discs badly. so i was going to hang a tarp about 75 feet away, with a target X on it. i would then let it hang from the rafters. roof height is very high, probily 100 feet, so i can easily throw any line i normally do, save a thumber or some such sky shot. i would then practice hitting the target with hyzers, flats, and annys.

i want to do this because i am a first year player relearning how to throw, and i dont want to unlearn everything over the winter. when i started i used way too many new high speed drivers and tried to learn with them. now i throw rocs, sharks, and leopard/eagles. i am standing on many drives, with some a 2 side step aproach. i can toss the leopard 250 standing and easily 300 with a 2 step. the x step is the next thing to work back in, but i need to make sure i have my release timed correctly. i had huge problems with not throwing in the direction i wanted, early and late. i would always get what i want as far as flight pattern, but that does little good if it hits the tree 30 feet away.

so does anyone see any problems i might have learnign this way?

thanks for any help.
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Re: winter practice idea.

Postby TOURNEYPLAYER » Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:05 pm

sounds good to me. as long as you can do a full motion its good for release. wont be able to watch the beauty of disc flight tho.
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