What Did I Do??

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What Did I Do??

Postby Crosseyed0811 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:57 pm

Just out throwing at Boyd Hill with nothing but my new Ion and Axis. Was having some trouble with my aiming and such so as I was about to be done I changed my throw up some. I had been turning my back to the target when I throw, my head also looking backwards and focusing on my disc to make sure my angles were what I wanted on my pull through. Well in order to hit my lines better I backed off on my throw and kept my head 90 degrees from the target much like you see lots of the pros do and such in order to be able to find my line easier and try to hit it easier. Well obviously that helped, but it had an interesting side effect as well. I hit it MUCH harder. In fact I lost my Ion because of it. I was in the field I normally throw in and my Ion which I've been throwing <250 ft, I threw over 275 into a headwind... What did I do? Why did I get a stronger hit changing what I did?
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Re: What Did I Do??

Postby JR » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:40 pm

There could be many reasons. For me being not so coordinated every inch of reaching back makes form less consistent and getting and maintaining proper body positions and timing progressively more difficult. When there is not so much coordination to be guided by the brain, there is more processing power left to really slamming on the acceleration and guiding the arm with good form.
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