The last plateau

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Re: The last plateau

Postby zj1002 » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:40 pm

It is a very gradual process. The lightbulb moments for me were properly understanding the concepts, and how I can apply them to me. I did 3 years of field practice while in school before 500 was on command. I practice less on distance now because I am focused on putting and such. I have days I can throw like Beto, but I can't repeat it yet. My timing is still not 100%

As jhern said this is a never ending process. The day I am satisfied is the day I quit playing. The Brad Walker videos(especially his new one) are everything you need to "snap" a disc. 2 years ago I could throw a roc 400ft, but my drivers didn't go past 425-450. I am always pushing it
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Re: The last plateau

Postby Blake_T » Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:59 pm

There is another plateau. I'm in the 550-600 max d range and I am far from perfect mechanics. It all comes down to time spent. The true final level still alludes me

actually, that's pretty much the peak of the mountain. the difference between a 600' throw and a 700' throw is usually luck.

at those distances, physical differences come into play and dictate your peak distance. e.g. fast twitch muscle fibers, tendon elasticity, hand size, etc.

I am getting eagles, gazelles and teebirds all out to around 380'-400', and I understand this to be the last plateau before hitting all of it. What is the best way to try and learn to hit all of it? continue doing right pec drills/hammer pounds or doing throws with full reachback? I have also messed around with bent elbow and the thumb lead throwing. basically what method of throwing will most likely facilitate learning the timing of a full hit? I was always under the impression that the hammer pounds and right pec drill were for learning how to hit half of it, but I could be mistaken.

the hammer drill = half hit
the reverse thumb = full hit. usually requires experience with the hammer drill to build coordination.

right pec drill = full hit if done correctly. half hit if done somewhat correctly. no hit if done poorly.

stuff like throwing bent elbow forces you to hit it or it doesn't go anywhere.

all of those things basically facilitate it, but it just takes a crapload of reps and making minor adjustments until you get it.

your timing isn't there yet to have the things happen that need to happen to break that plateau.
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