Grip Strength vs Distance

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Re: Grip Strength vs Distance

Postby Triflusal » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:59 pm

superdrive wrote:
zj1002 wrote:mine is dead on 2.54cm(1 inch). I use a stacked power grip.

as shown here


Mine is 2,7cm. I've had tons of problems with grips and that grip just might do it for me. At least it feels way better than 4 finger power grip. Much tighter.

jesus, i thought my hands were big
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Re: Grip Strength vs Distance

Postby superdrive » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:11 pm

Hands? Ouh :(
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Re: Grip Strength vs Distance

Postby JR » Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:07 pm

Blake_T wrote:
Distance between discs is much more complicated than finger strength multiplied by leverage alone. Cruise speed, spin, fade, nose angle, glide...

In most cases, yes, but if you exceed the point where you can get leverage, speed/spin etc. are determined by what you can/can't grip through the rip.

i lose about 5-10mph of launch velocity when rims exceed 1.4cm. i lose another 10-15mph of launch velocity when rims exceed 1.9cm.

Hmm there seems to be two places from which to measure the length of the middle section of the index finger. I have two folds in the middle joint. When i curl the finger i can touch the innermost section of the index finger with the finger print. No separation so no space for the disc. That leads me to think, that anatomy, fat percentage etc. have an influence on grip strength too.

When i measure the middle section length from the wider fold, which i think to be non consequential for grip strength, i am 2.15 cm. Measuring from the inner fold it's only 1.7 cm. I think that is more relevant fro grip in my case looking at how much room there is for a disc between the outer and inner section of the index finger. I think the effective length of the middle section of the index finger should be measured at the shortest points between the outermost and middle joints.

I would think, that the changes in exit speed due to leverage changes depend on how long you can hold onto the disc during the pivot. The more speed one gets from disc pivot, the more is lost, when the wing width is increased beyond the _effective_ length of the middle section of the index finger. And you have to factor in very powerful people overcoming some wing width limitations with raw power. So YMMV, because when you have a disc, that is wider winged than the middle section of the index finger, the innermost section of the index finger counts too. The longer it is, the less you'll be harmed by wide wings. If different people have different ratios of index finger middle section to inner section length, that makes results personal as well.
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