FH Release Height?

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Re: FH Release Height?

Postby DownWithTheSyndrome » Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:31 am

Triflusal wrote:ima jack this a little, where should I be trying to apply pressure with my fingers? my grip is usually pretty loose anyway and I think that is what is holding distance back.

If you apply pressure, slightly below the head, and possibly tighten your grip just a bit, you will throw ropes of milky white jizz, that could go up to three feet, depending on the condition of your prostate
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Re: FH Release Height?

Postby JR » Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:41 pm

Triflusal another good question would be when to grip hard. I pinch hard with the thumb, index and middle fingers. If you can maintain correct angles and not have the disc slip out early, you don't need to pinch hard in the beginning of the arm motion. Then with looser arm muscles the arm could accelerate faster. I think most people, if not everyone, can accelerate the arm faster FH than BH. That increases the required pinch power earlier for FH compared to BH. Everyone has different acceleration abilities and finger strength so everyone needs to find own personal pinching timing and power increase rate for the pinch power.
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Re: FH Release Height?

Postby Mike C » Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:43 am

Sean40474 wrote:Are there any drills you can suggest to practice gaining more spin on FH throws? My distance is lacking because of this and I feel that it is costing me strokes. I don't have issues throwing 300', but when I try to push out beyond that I lose control. To combat this, I throw more stable plastic and release it anhyzer. I know this isn't proper form for distance, also, I realize there is a time and place for this shot type, utility.

I have been dedicating a lot of times to the FH throw over the past few months and there are two things that helped me learn to increase spin.

1. Slow the whole throw down, throw from a standstill, and compact the arm movement a lot. Try to just use your wrist and forearm, don't let your whole arm swing, don't rotate the shoulder to generate power etc. Throw FH like this for a couple hundred throws. What this does is it forces you to use your arm from the elbow down which is where the snap is generated as far as I know. Once you've developed a snap focused FH throw and you apply this to a full swing, high-power throw, you should be able to effectively combine speed and spin assuming you never had a problem with the former.

2. Throw neutral mids and putters. Got a disc that turns and burns EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to FH it? Perfect, use it. Take all the shit you've seen on here about discing down, learning to control putters and mids up to x feet before you throw drivers etc., and apply it to forehand. There is no reason not to. It applies to both throwing styles.

Number 1 is incredibly important. I'm assuming I'm not alone in this, but when I first tried to teach myself FH i made one very big mistake. When I wanted to throw them more than say, 80', I tried to use a wide swing using my whole arm and power it as much as I can. This is stupid to do FH or BH. I was using all arm, all speed, and no snap. The disc will have no stability this way, it will turn and flop all over the place. That is my working theory as to why so many people cannot FH a lot of the discs in their bag, because they learned by throwing fast rather than focusing on the spin. You can't do that if you want an effective FH throw that is usable with any disc you want to throw.

By slowing things down, throwing from a standstill, focusing on the snap and ignoring my arm speed, and throwing stuff that I knew I would flip if I tried to FH it, I eventually taught myself a decent FH shot. I am just now experimenting with full power throws again as of today, but over the fall I've found I went from inconsistently scratching 300' with Predators and OLF's to being able to laser a putter 250' perfectly controlled and throw a driver 400'. My secret is doing this until you can throw those putters on any FH line you need and have the disc do exactly what you want. I used to not be able to forehand a putter, period.
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